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Re: Check The Kill Feed (xboxone) add me PS4 zortos
Ghost Shells How in the bloody hell do you get shells/skins for ghost? I have read that I should with my preorder
Re: Grimoire Cards Matter.... it turns out. thanks for info!!!!! Anyone looking to do heroics or get vanguard look for me on PS4
Expansion Pack on PS4 Just bought my expansion pack that said among other things that I would have more story line mission
Re: LEVELing UP Appreciate the info and put in a request thank you xD
LEVELing UP I seem to be stuck at level 20. Do you have to have all light armor to go further? While I am questi
Re: Grimoire Points Really appreciate it :)! Now how do I get into a group? When i went onto to check out my
Re: Grimoire Points thanks I am still unsure but atleast i know i am not alone :)
Grimoire Points OK I am sure I am missing something that is staring me in the face....BUT what the heck do you do wi

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