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Xur - Agent of the Nine 21/11/2014

Greetings, Guardians.

Xur is back in the tower today and you can find him located in the bar, in the area below the shipwright.

How long Is Xur there?

If you want to make sure Xur is still available for you, you can check out events page ( Click here! ) to make sure he is still waiting to take your coins!


MIDA Multi-Tool - Exotic Scout Rifle - 23 Strange Coins

No Backup Plans - Exotic Titan Gauntlets - 13 Strange Coins

Young Ahamkara's Spin - Exotic Hunter Gauntlets- 13 Strange Coins

Voidfang Vestments - Exotic Warlock Chest - 13 Strange Coins

Exotic Helm Engram - 23 Motes of Light


Auto Rifle Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Fusion Rifle Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Machine Gun Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Void Drive - 23 Strange Coins
Stealth Drive - 23 Strange Coins
5x Heavy Ammo Synthesis - 1 strange coin

Hopefully Xur has something you need!

Bungie Weekly Update - 20/11/2014

This week at Bungie, we made some special deliveries.

Your console may have received over 2 gigs of data to pave some new roads that lead to our first expansion. If you’re holding a pass for the on ramp, your friendly neighborhood Postmaster may have received a shiny new vehicle with your name on it. The Tower most definitely received a guest in the form of Lord Saladin. Some of your favorite Crucible maps received some new cover to shield you from hostile gunfire. Even the nice lady that camps the puddle-strewn depths of Tower North received some new shaders and emblems.

We hope some of that booty made it your way. As the bits start to settle, let’s track all parcels that went outbound from us to you. If you got what you ordered, go play Destiny. For the “may haves,” there is always Help. If you crave extra details or have questions, scroll past the line.

How We Roll

Right around the time the Iron Banner caught fire again, the hottest new model in the Sparrow fleet made a surprise appearance in the wild. We gave you a day to trick it out on your own. Then we showed you how we roll. Please join us as we pop the hood and see what makes this baby tick.

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Destiny Update adds 35 Activities, 7 Activity types, 230 Items!

The new destiny updates brings new stuff to the database! This includes 35 new Activities, mostly related to the upcoming DLC. 7 new Activity Types and around 230 new items!

New Activities
Activities include new story missions, strikes, raids, crucible playlists, etc.

* The Timekeeper
* The Dark Below
* Thieves' Den
* Skyshock
* Dead Sectors

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1.0.3 Patch update 17/11/2014

The one about Iron Banner and Voice.

This is the first in a series of updates that will deliver new content in the lead up to The Dark Below. Update 1.0.3 provides new social features, revisions to activities, alterations to competitive spaces, adjustments to the player overall experience, as well as a sizable download of new content and geometry to support the first expansion of the world of Destiny. The Iron Banner special event is also being updated with new rules and features prior to its second run.


Added a new social feature that enables users to access a channel for Team Chat
Matchmade teammates will now be able to talk to each other in Strikes and team-based Crucible matches
To learn more about how to toggle between chat channels, click here

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Opt-in Voice Commands Beta!

Players of Destiny have been asking to speak to the players they meet through Matchmaking. Even if your teammates have not been able to hear you, we have at Bungie. With development complete on a new social feature, we’re delivering a solution that will bring Guardians closer together.

To protect the immersive experience of exploring the wild, our philosophies for in-game chat still rely heavily on the notion of consent. “We believe that requiring players to opt-in to chat leads to more friendly environments,” says Bungie Design Lead M.E. Chung.

Opt-in Voice Channels

As part of Destiny Update 1.0.3, scheduled for deployment on November 18th, you will have access to two options for talking to the Guardians with whom you fight.

Fireteam Chat
Since launch, you’ve been able to use Fireteam Chat to speak to the Guardians included in your pre-formed party. This includes players who join you in orbit before you begin an activity together. Fireteam Chat is signified by the speaker icon.

Team Chat
After the update, you’ll be able to join a new channel that will provide for Team Chat. This will include the players you meet via Matchmaking, as well as members of your Fireteam who make the same selection. This option will be available in any matchmade activity – including Strikes and in team-based Crucible matches. Team Chat is signified by the megaphone icon.

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