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Settle the Score

Take down the Guardian who last defeated you.

Healthy Balance

Complete a match with at least 10 kills and no more than 7 deaths.

Aerial Surgeon

Defeat an opposing Guardian with a Throwing Knife headshot.

Cover Fire

In Rift, defend an allied Runner against enemy fire OR defeat an opponent while you are carrying the Spark.

Top Rifter

Complete a Rift match in the top 3 on your team (minimum 4 players on the team).

Most Valuable

Complete a match in any team playlist where you or a member of your Fireteam finishes with the highest score.

Dreadnaught Reconnaissance

Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Dreadnaught.
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Xur Agent of the Nine - 20th May

Exotic Gear

The Glasshouse [Titan Helmet] [64 Intellect] [13 SC]
Khepri's Sting [Hunter Gauntlets] [55 Strength] [13 SC]
Sunbreakers [Warlock Gauntlets] [32 Intellect] [13 SC]
Universal Remote [Shotgun] [17 SC]
Legacy Engram [Body Armor Engram] [29 SC]


"Emerald Coil" [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
Void Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]
Three of Coins [Consumable] [7 SC]
Glass Needles [Material] [3 SC]

This Week at Bungie – 05/20/16

This week at Bungie we fired Cozmo.

Okay, okay… No we didn’t, but that was the dare we issued to a Fireteam of our bravest Raid test pilots. Survive Oryx or clean out your locker! It was a joke, of course. Our goal was not to teach a clinic in tactical strategies under the most difficult conditions, but to pull back the curtain that conceals the way we create Raids.

The pinnacle of the Destiny endgame is born of a sprawling development process that spans almost every discipline on our team. On the live stream, a Designer and a Writer talked about how their teams meld gameplay and storytelling to create the most challenging and mystifying missions in your Director. If you missed your chance to join the chat, here it is, preserved in the clouds of the Internet.

Rocket Science

Heavy Ammunition is a rare commodity in the Crucible, and with good reason! There are few defenses against a well-aimed Rocket that lands squarely at your feet. We limit the deliveries of purple crates to the battlefield to make those explosive moments the highlight of a match.

When we learned that some Guardians had discovered a way to earn unlimited rockets, we knew it was time for a bug hunt. Rather than punish players for playing the game in a way we didn’t predict, we’ve been waging an investigation into our code. These things happen, so please don’t panic. We’re on the case - and we’ve slayed more dreaded bugs than these.

In the meantime, Trials of Osiris is cancelled for this weekend.

The thought of a Trials map being renamed “Rocket Town” sends a shiver up our spine. The esteemed Brother Vance will be ordered to stand down. Trials of Osiris will return of course - and that right soon - but we’re going to ensure that we can restore the Heavy economy to its usual balance.

We know this will come as a disappointment to some. Our hope is that it won’t be as disappointing as being denied a trip to the Lighthouse by an opponent with a Rocket Launcher that works like a clown car.

The same holding pattern applies to Iron Banner. Lord Saladin will be granted approach to the Tower once our work is done. Please watch this space for updates.

Pick a Fight

There were other conversations about the Crucible to be had this week. As always, matchmaking is a hot topic. The last time we made adjustments to the tech that introduces you to new and interesting people who want to blow you bits, it was back in March when we locked new settings in every Crucible playlist.

Our work on the Crucible is never done, but our goals remain the same: Provide every Guardian with a clean match against a worthy opponent. Lately, our Matchmaking Overlords (actual team name) have been looking into reports of longer than usual matchmaking times and increases in lag. This is part of an ongoing process that includes player feedback, user data, and our own experiences as players.

Effective immediately, we are making some targeted adjustments to ensure that all players are able to find a high-quality match within a reasonable amount of time. The intended result is to shorten matchmaking times and reduce lag.

This conversation is never over, so please stay tuned to it. We’ll have more improvements to your Crucible lifestyle in the weeks and months to come. Keep playing and we’ll continue to honor your competitive spirit.

Hammer Time

A healthy competitive ecosystem requires that we meet each other halfway. While we won’t ban you for stumbling into a bottomless well of explosive ordnance, we will impose restrictions on players who compromise the overall experience – either willingly or unwillingly.

It’s never a thing we celebrate, but we’re committed to protecting the game. The keepers of the Banhammer have beefed up their automated security measures to issue restrictions to cheaters as well as players with consistently bad Internet connections that break the Crucible.

Please play nice out there. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your relationship with your Internet Service Provider (hint: plug it in).

Variks might give you Weapons and Armor, but this guy makes you famous on the Internet!

Cozmo: Last week, we rewarded close quarters combat, showering you with extra points on every successful melee kill. The judges have sent in their scores. Now let’s go to center ring to hear the results.

High Score – 232,885
  • MorseCode206

  • kajex
  • ArianaXanadu

  • MrMagicMike89

  • FireBeeble

  • Second Place – 204,210
  • gonzi_the_fox


  • EL_FUETE45

  • gonzalimes

  • El_legi-ESP-

  • Third Place – 167,545
  • Irish Axeman

  • Plemrat


  • If you’re brave enough to rise up to the challenge this week, make sure your aim is true. Your precision will be rewarded. But don’t rely too much on one weapon. Juggler is on so you will need to mix things up to keep the ammo flowing.

    You might feel like you’re hanging over a cliff right now. When will the rocket fix arrive? When is the next Iron Banner? Why would Bungie hire a guy to write the blog who is such a noob? We’re working on answers to most of these questions.

    And, we’ll let you know when the answers are things we can make promises about.

    Stick around for immediate updates on progress.

    DeeJ, out.

    This Week at Bungie – 05/06/2016

    This week at Bungie we dropped some fixes while they were hot.

    On a crisp, clear morning, Hot Fix was deployed to the launching pad. Once the final countdown resolved, the fresh patch rode a tower of fire, boosting clear of an atmospheric layer of space junk to take up residence in orbit around Destiny. This fixed a few minor issues immediately. There are other fixes onboard that shall lie dormant until we activate them.

    That happens next week.

    Punch In the Code

    Last week, we told you all about how melee attacks are about to change in your Sandbox. To recap, we’ve hunted some bugs associated with networking and gameplay that got in the way of you landing a true punch. If you downloaded the update, the code with these fixes has been loaded onto your console. Now, it waits for our signal.

    On Tuesday, May 10th, we’ll flip the first of those switches.

    There is nothing special you’ll need to do to try out your new fists. Like every weapon in your arsenal, they’ll behave the exact same way in every activity. Once we sound the alarm, get out there and punch something. Anything. A fellow Guardian in the Crucible. A Cabal Legionnaire in the sands of Mars. Your choice...

    If you sense a difference, or if the changes shatter the cohesion of your world, tell us all about it. Pay a visit to our Feedback forum, and tag your post with #MayMelee. We’ll be actively monitoring.

    If things improve, we’ll keep these changes. If things get worse, we can roll them back.

    Wicked Twitch of the West

    In the ramp up to the April Update, we had a ton of fun on Twitch, mostly because hundreds of thousands of you were along for the ride. Even when we’re not revealing new details about adventures you have yet to experience, there’s still plenty we can do to mix it up with you all. Here’s a glimpse at our stream calendar for the rest of the month.

    The Artists of Destiny
    Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

    Years of hard work can follow a moment of inspiration. Relive the panel discussion we hosted at Emerald City ComiCon with the artists who created the original concepts that shaped the development of worlds, characters, and weapons in Destiny.

    Raid Along: King’s Fall
    Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

    Watch us confront our own demons. Bungie devs will face Oryx in his final form. A designer and a storyteller will provide expert commentary from the safety of a couch on the encounters and the lore that define the pinnacle experience in The Taken King.

    Ride Along: Crucible
    Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

    We’ve led architectural tours on every world in Destiny. But why no love for the competitive arenas? At long last, we’ll fire up a dev kit and fly though some of your favorite maps with the people who built them. Anticipate pro-tips and notes on creative process.

    You’re invited to meet some more of the talented people who make your game. Watch this space for tune-ins. Follow us on Twitch for notifications when we're live!

    Main Propulsion Sytems

    When we launch a new update, Destiny Player Support has their hands on the big red button.

    DPS: On Tuesday, May 2nd, Destiny Hot Fix became available to all players. Some issues we found since the release of the April Update, such as Year One Prison of Elders reward chests, have been resolved. For the full list of changes, please see the Patch Notes.

    With each update, we see players reporting that Destiny: The Taken King, and all previous updates, must be downloaded again.
  • During the download process for Destiny updates, your console may attempt to verify previously downloaded content, appearing as ‘Preparing to Download’

  • If an issue is found, or an interruption occurs, previously downloaded content will be deleted and re-downloaded

  • To avoid having to download content again, please do not interrupt the download or install process. If an issue is found, re-downloading content will be required, and cannot be avoided.

    Additionally, we are seeing a rise in posts to the #Help forum regarding the Refer-a-Friend Program. For information regarding Qualifications, please see our Refer-a-Friend FAQ. For steps on how to create bonds with Referee or Veteran Destiny Players, please see our Refer-a-Friend Guided Support.

    All Destiny Player Support documentation may be found through help.bungie.net. If there is an issue that is impacting your Destiny experience that cannot be found, let us know.

    Another week, another Challenge of the Elders met. Ring the bell. School's in session!

    You may recognize the Fireteam in this week’s top spot, as they all hail from the popular Clan Math Class. These three Fireteams were able to punch their way to the top securing bonus points for every melee kill.

    High score – 79,860
  • leopardstealth

  • StrikerCodex

  • Dattowatto

  • Second place – 67,795
  • falckenz

  • Reeferman77

  • Rage_apocalyptic

  • Third place - 66,710
  • Shaneaka830

  • shaunbless

  • Mighty-Minds-1

  • This week, things are changing. Now it’s all about space magic. Bonus points are being handed out for Super kills, so stack that Intellect and let ‘em fly.

    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry again that our weekly ritual of sharing was late. We always want the trains to run on time around here but, as my favorite fictitious mathematician is famous for saying: Life finds a way. I’ll try real hard to do better next week.

    Between now and then, I hope we see some of your chatter on our next live stream.

    Xur Agent of the Nine - 6th May

    Exotic Gear

    Crest of Alpha Lupi [Titan Chest Armor] [44 Intellect] [13 SC]
    Young Ahamkara's Spine [Hunter Gauntlets] [30 Discipline] [13 SC]
    Heart of the Praxic Fire [Warlock Chest Armor] [89 Intellect] [13 SC]
    SUROS Regime [Auto Rifle] [23 SC]
    Legacy Engram [Primary Weapon Engram] [31 SC]


    Plasma Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
    "Emerald Coil" [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
    Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]
    Three of Coins [Consumable] [7 SC]
    Glass Needles [Material] [3 SC]

    Xur Agent of the Nine - 29th April

    Exotic Gear

    Twilight Garrison [Titan Chest Armor] [48 Discipline] [13 SC]
    ATS/8 ARACHNID [Hunter Helmet] [55 Intellect] [13 SC]
    The Ram [Warlock Helmet] [33 Intellect] [13 SC]
    Hawkmoon [Hand Cannon] [23 SC]
    Legacy Engram [Heavy Weapon Engram] [31 SC]


    Plasma Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
    "Emerald Coil" [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
    Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]
    Three of Coins [Consumable] [7 SC]
    Glass Needles [Material] [3 SC]

    This Week at Bungie – 04/28/2016

    This week at Bungie we’re feeling punchy.

    The April Update has been a reality for a few weeks now. Guardians across the system are aglow with fresh Chroma. Taken stragglers are on the run. The Reef is buzzing with the chatter of heroes. At this very moment, it’s raining purple in Iron Banner.

    Next Tuesday, May 3rd, we’re deploying Update to correct a few things that were bugging us. (See what we did there?) It will fix a few chests, quests, and rewards – nothing major. Also included in the bundle will be some changes to help you land a punch a little more squarely on the jaw of your opponent.

    Let’s talk about how those changes will make their way from our workbench to your game room.

    The Only Good Bug, Is A Dead Bug.

    In a game ruled by magic and exotic weaponry, there is still a seat at the table for a good, old-fashioned, bare-knuckled attack. Isn’t that right, Titans?

    Ever thrown a punch – we’re only talking about Destiny here – that seemed to land (you heard it and you felt it) but it didn’t deal any damage? Yeah, us too.

    Ever thrown a punch (or a shoulder) that seemed to “whiff” right past your intended target when you were so sure it would land? Yup, the same thing happened to us, so we put one of our top men on it.

    The empty threat of a melee is a thing we aim to fix in this next update. Anyone remember Sandbox Engineer Jon Cable? He’s one of the killer elite among bug hunters. If losing Heavy Ammunition upon death in Destiny Year One threw you into a blind rage, Jon was your champion. We sent him deep, deep into a hellmouth of code to eradicate that bug, and he came back a hero.

    Recently, he’s been investigating the complexities of a proper melee attack. Here he is with a diagnosis.

    Jon: When a melee attack seems like it connects, but it doesn’t do any damage, this is usually a networking problem. Most commonly, it occurs when there is an issue communicating your position to the other machines in the game, or if your would-be victim is having a similar problem. I’ve tweaked some networking logic related to player positions during melee attacks which should help address these issues. This error can still occur, because the internet isn’t perfect, but it should be better.

    When a melee attack whiffs, this is usually a sandbox problem. I’ve fixed a bug where we were starting the target search from an incorrect position. Normally, we begin searching for targets from the perspective of the attacker’s head. This bug would result in the target search falling short. If the melee lunge didn’t get you close enough to the target, or if the target was moving away from you, your melee would not connect. The new fix should make Arc Blade and Shoulder Charge much more reliable. There are still situations – especially when the target is moving away from you – where you will not connect.

    Listening to these guys talk about their work makes my palms sweat the way they did when a pop quiz would rear its ugly head in math class. Thank the Light for the guys who actually did their homework back in the day.

    These melee fixes will NOT go live when we deploy Update

    Changing the Sandbox always runs the risk of wreaking havoc on the fabric of virtual reality. We’re going to roll this out nice and slow.

    Here are the steps we’ll take:
  • Update deploys Tuesday, May 3rd starting at about 10AM Pacific

  • We’ll monitor the base update for stability over the weekend

  • New Melee code will be manually activated Tuesday, May 10th at 10AM Pacific

  • We’ll monitor performance and gather feedback on the Sandbox

  • Of course this plan is subject to change, but that is the plan at this moment. We’ll give you some advance warning before we flip the switch. In the event that something terrible happens once the changes go live, we’ll be able to roll these “fixes” back immediately. If you see something weird, say something weird. We know you would without us asking, but we want you to know that we’ll be listening and ready to take action.

    The last thing we’d want would be for you to take a swing at us.

    Iron Banner Clash is currently available, and ends on Tuesday, May 3rd, at 2:00 AM Pacific.

    At the launch of Iron Banner at 10:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday, April 26th, we became aware of a slight delay in resetting previously earned Iron Banner reputation. At 10:30 AM Pacific, reputation was reset for all players. Resetting reputation granted the ability for all participants to earn Iron Banner Reputation Reward Packages, which may only be acquired at Ranks 3 and 5. The contents of these packages were changed with Update 2.2.0, and we wanted to ensure that players were able to acquire these rewards with the return of Iron Banner. We apologize for the loss of any Reputation earned during this time.

    Additionally, an issue has been resolved impacting the appearance of Lord Saladin and Iron Banner Reputation on the Destiny Companion Application. You may now view your personal Reputation gains under your Legend, and inspect Lord Saladin’s current inventory, including stat and perk rolls assigned to these items.

    Finally, to earn the Weekly Crucible Sterling Treasure, players must complete one match within the Mayhem Rumble playlist. This may be accessed through the Crucible node within the Director. Players can also earn their weekly Crucible Legendary Marks in this playlist.

    The High Scores for Week Two of Challenge of the Elders are in and these three Fireteams stand victorious at the top. Their grenades were accurate and deadly, racking them up tons of bonus points.

    High Score - 112,595
  • RainDog56

  • Crunchytime

  • ianskills1995

  • Bladed_Wolf (substitution)

  • Second Place - 90,560
  • sc Slayerage


  • Eavr

  • Third Place - 84,455
  • TheUltraSaint

  • PickaxeSwinger2

  • Nutley99

  • This week is all about melee kills, and your bonus points will be granted for being up close and personal. Be careful though: Exposure is active and will give you a finite amount of shields each round. We will let you know next week who had the highest scores with these modifiers.

    That’s all we got for you right now. There will be Patch Notes again soon. Keep an eye on us, and we’ll keep looking out for you.

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