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@DestinyTrack : Three new gameplay trailers appear on updated #Destiny website


The Bungie Januarycast

Bungie posted their first podcast of 2014, you can listen to it here. If you want it on iTunes, follow Bungie on Twitter and they will tweet out when its available.

Bungie Weekly Update - 01/10/2014

Bungie just posted their 1st Weekly Update of 2014, read up about Beta info, community questions and more, check it out in the news article here!

Bungie Weekly Update - 12/20/2013

Bungie just posted the last Weekly Update of 2013 on their site. Lots of info and details to digest, read the full article here!

Destiny VGX 2013 World Premiere Trailer



New Gameplay Trailers on updated Destiny website

Three new Gameplay Trailers appeared on the updated DestinyTheGame website, you can check them out below, or visit the Guardians section of the website.

New Destiny clips in the "PlayStation PS4 Share Trailer"

Destiny Game Informer Coverage Trailer

Watch the trailer that teases Game Informer's upcoming month of exclusive coverage and new information that can be found at

Destiny Official PS4 Launch Trailer

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