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DestinyTracker Top 5 - Destiny Clips - Episode 4

Thanks to everyone who submitted clips over the past few weeks, here is our Top 5!

YouTube: DestinyTracker Top 5 - Destiny Clips - Episode 4

Xur - Agent of the Nine 12/12/2014

Greetings, Guardians.

Xur is back in the tower today and you can find him located near the crucible quatermaster.

How long Is Xur there?

If you want to make sure Xur is still available for you, you can check out events page ( Click here! ) to make sure he is still waiting to take your coins!


Truth - Exotic Rocket Launcher- 17 Strange Coins

Ruin Wings - Exotic Titan Gauntlets - 13 Strange Coins

Achlyophage Symbiote - Exotic Hunter Helmet - 13 Strange Coins

Voidfang Vestments - Exotic Warlock Chest - 13 Strange Coins

Exotic Helmet Engram - 23 Motes of Light

Exotic Shard - 7 strange coins


Pulse Rifle Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Scout Rifle Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Fusion Rifle Telemetry - 1 Strange Coin
Plasma Drive - 23 Strange Coins
Emerald Coil - 23 Strange Coins
Urn of Sacrifice - 1 Strange Coin

Exotic Upgrades

Mask of Third Man - 92 Int
Light Beyond Nemesis - 103 Str
The Armamentarium - 167 Disc
Young Ahamkara's Spine - 109 Disc
No Backup Plans - 111 Str
Sunbreakers - 87 Int
The Last Word
Red Death
SUROS Regime
Ice Breaker

Hopefully Xur has something you need!

Light Levels & Crota Loot

Crota Loot Tables
We have put up a Crota Loot table, so you can know what to expect from the raid. It's a work in process and will be tweaked as details come out!

Light Levels
Here is the light needed for each level, beautifully prepared by Tyyger

Unlocking The Weekly Nightfall and Heroic - The Dark Below

With the new DLC just come out, if some of you are still stuck on how to unlock the new nightfall and heroic then i have a short guide for you!

TL:DR > Complete the 3 story missions, 25 kills bounty, then eyes,heart,hand of crota bounties. But if you'd like help with doing all of these, then click below and we can run through it in more detail.

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Destiny Player Spotlight - Baconators Live

Greetings, Guardians. Today I will be featuring an incredible PvP player named Baconators Live. Baconators currently is the first and ONLY player to have earned three DTR TrueSkill 50 ranks. He currently has a 50 in Control, Clash and Skirmish. When I learned of this feat, I wanted needed to know what makes this Guardian tick. Hopefully some of these answers will help me up my somewhat (read: very) lacking PvP skills.

Introduce yourself, Guardian. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to? What is your first name, what is your favorite class of guardian, and what is it about Destiny PvP that you like so much?

Hi! I'm Brandon but my online friends call me Bacon. A lot of people think I'm heavy because of my Gamertag but I'm only 157 pounds, standing at 6'1". I'm older than most gamers and I'll leave it at that lol. My favorite class is a Hunter but I've been thinking about making a Warlock lately. What I like most about Destiny PvP is playing with my friends. I never thought I would meet such cool and respectful gamers playing Destiny. I also love getting those sweet headshot's and hearing that cha-ching sound it makes when I do!

Ahh there is nothing like a sweet headshot sound effect in a shooter. What controller settings do you use that allow you to hear that sound so frequently?

I use the Jumper button layout. My stick layout is default. I play on 5 sensitivity with controller vibration turned off.

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Destinytracker Population Statistics

Happy to announce we have started a new feature, Destinytracker Population Statistics. We report to you stats about our entire player base. Hopefully you will find this useful, and you can use this to become a better player.

We want to actively develop this and add more stats. Please give us feedback on some things you would like to see. We have lots of ideas, but we want to hear yours first!

ps: bungie pls, do not nerf hunters

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1 RealKraftyy
Top 1%
2 NukeDaKiIla
Top 1%
3 ELooney
Top 1%
4 xXReaperOfDeathx
Top 1%
5 iiibanks
Top 1%
6 kashim_xccx
Top 1%
7 I-_-MACM-_-I
Top 1%
8 Styalz736
Top 1%
9 YouRDemizE
Top 1%
10 DRizzy_DRexX
Top 1%
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 Current Bounties

Blades of Crota

Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon.

Let's Dance

Rapidly Kill 7 enemies with a Melee attack.

Out of Sight

Kill Hive from behind.

Sleight of Hand

Defeat Hive with precision damage using your throwing knife.

The Cleansing

Kill any Majors or Ultras in a Nightfall activity.

Relic Harvest - Moon

Collect 200 Impact Shards on the Moon.

It's All in the Head

Kill 100 enemies with precision damage.
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