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Play on Xbox 360 and/or Playstation 3? Please read this, it is important.

As of August 16th 2016, Bungie is dropping all support for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. This will include stat collection, Calcified Fragment look up, gear look up, and numerous other services. We expect some of our services to crash once Bungie cut support for those consoles. We will do our absolute best to get any crashed services back up and running as quickly as possible.

For full information, please see this link. If you have a question regarding this, please ask here but if it's regarding Destiny the game itself, please go to for official support.

Thank you.

Rise of Iron Playstation Exclusives

(Source: Playstation blog.)

When Rise of Iron launches later this fall, PlayStation Guardians will have the opportunity to get their hands on a PvP map, quest and ship not available anywhere else. Here’s a quick look:

Quest line: Show of Strength

“While you serve the Vanguard in the Plaguelands, I wonder if you’d be so kind as to help me understand the more brutal aspects of the Devil Splicers’ brand of worship.” – Tyra Karn

Reward for Quest: Ship – Timeless Tereshkova

You are but the most recent entry in Cosmodrome’s long and legendary history.

PvP map: Icarus
Location: Languid Sea, Mercury

This Golden Age solar farm on Mercury has remained un-touched by the Vex for reasons unknown. The Vanguard has denied petitions from various weapon foundries to research it until the Warlock orders have finished their surveys first. An exemption has been granted to Lord Shaxx and his Crucible: the Guardians are free to utilize Icarus as a live-fire training zone.

  • Icarus is a mid-sized PVP map compatible with any 6v6 game mode.

  • The outer perimeter features a circular flow mixed with long sightlines and close-combat environments.

  • The main chamber’s closing doors provide a fast, but dangerous, path through the center of the map.

  • Exotic Gear

    The Taikonaut [Titan Helmet] [32 Discipline] [13 SC]
    Young Ahamkara's Spine [Hunter Gauntlets] [59 Discipline] [13 SC]
    Starfire Protocol [Warlock Chest Armor] [45 Discipline] [13 SC]
    Super Good Advice [Machine Gun] [17 SC]
    Legacy Engram [Special Weapon Engram] [31 SC]


    "Emerald Coil" [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
    Void Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
    Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]
    Three of Coins [Consumable] [7 SC]
    Glass Needles [Material] [3 SC]

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