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We will be pushing a patch live tomorrow. Players will be returned to the title screen from their activities and then be required to log in to Destiny again after installing the patch.

Destiny Population

8,686,312 Tracked Players Since Aug '15
428,319 Crucible Players Yesterday
675,648 PvE Players Yesterday

Current PvP Meta


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# Gamer DTR Score

This weeks trials map is Shores of Time. Shores of Time has been the trials map now 2 times.

This weeks trials map is Rusted Lands. Rusted Lands has been the trials map now 6 times.

This weeks trials map is Asylum. Asylum has been the trials map now 7 times.

This week at Bungie they revealed the next live event in Destiny.

Xur Agent of the Nine: Mar 10, 2017

Exotic Gear

Legacy Engram [Body Armor Engram] [29 SC]
Empyrean Bellicose [Titan Helmet] [44 Discipline] [13 SC]
Knucklehead Radar [Hunter Helmet] [39 Discipline] [13 SC]
Nothing Manacles [Warlock Gauntlets] [39 Intellect] [13 SC]
Truth [Rocket Launcher] [17 SC]


Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [1 SC]
Heavy Ammo Synthesis [Consumable] [3 SC]
Three of Coins [Consumable] [7 SC]
Glass Needles [Material] [3 SC]
Plasma Drive [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]
"Emerald Coil" [Vehicle Upgrade] [23 SC]

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