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Undying Messengers [MESS]

From deep within the shadows it came--a messenger borne on black wings

We're a clan started by friends who just wanted to expand their experience in Destiny. We're looking to have an enjoyable time with people who just want to game for the fun of it. Nothing too serious here, as we are middle level gamers who care more about snacks than stats. Our only requirement is that you be 21+, as we do occasionally drink and play. If you have a microphone that's a plus. All light levels and experience are welcome. We aren't big on you needing to constantly be on playing. Adulting is hard, and finding time to yourself can be rare, so don't worry about it. We started a Discord to keep in contact with members, and to help create better friendships with anyone who joins. Once you join, we will gladly send you the link to chat with us there. Being in Discord is mandatory. Currently only accepting requests if you know someone already in the clan, as we aim to be close knit.

52 Members
Jan 2017 Created

Clan Progression

Clan Level
75000 / 125000
Nightfall Success
100 / 0
Nightfall Success
0 / 1
Raid Success
0 / 1
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