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Swallows For Glimmer

No Master, No Fear, No Mercy

Swallows for glimmer [P3RV] Looking to expand our clan! Currently have around 30 members spread over the map though mainly Hong Kong and UK. Few of us usually smash through Atheon from the chest CP and Crota from the Deathsinger each week looking to grab any missing exotics. POE is a occasional but easily done. 1/3 of our members have been hitting 3x9-0 in the trials and helping out the rest. Most are primarily focused on bringing up our K/D on PVP at the minute. Honestly just looking for 18+ guardians that are happy to shoot the shit and generally just up for a laugh. Add me at DARCHK or send a request on direct

47 Members
Sep 2014 Created

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