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Re: Top Trending post is this guy [quote=Hey Im Swat]I don't mean to be rude but, why should we care? [/quote] So bungie wants to k
Top Trending post is this guy No holding back
Christmas and Recent Events Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys and gals. As of the 5th I'm going under the knife
My epic rant towards Bungie I love watching youtube and one of the videos i watched had a qna portion, and i wanna share some id
Rezyl Azzir-Before These Walls I have a crazy theory to finding the last Ghost. I have traveled everywhere in the tower right now i
The Legend of CasperWeasel the Maniac Bear witness to the legend of Unstoppable CasperWeasel, the Terror
Re: Introduce Yourself Wow i never thought that everyone i knew from halotracker would come here... but me. If you dont
Long Time No Talk Hey guys and gals, you might know me or not, Im beast mode weasel lol. As i rev up for deployment, i

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