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Destiny kings fall raid all bosses kill videos Hi guys go check out my kings fall raid bosses kill videos I hope it can help some of you get past s
Re: DTR Site Score Hey guys I wanted to ask why when I add my DTR score together manually I get around 80k but on the l
Re: DTR score question [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Danymac89][/quote] Please ask your question there as it is in the help
Re: DTR score question [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=Danymac89][/quote] Please see out [url=
DTR score question Hey guys I was wondering if a mod could tell me why if I add my DTR score from all my game modes up
Re: DTR TrueSkill [quote=Darkened Night]Not necessarily. Before releasing the formula to Destiny, we had a similar var
Re: DTR TrueSkill don't get me wrong I like this site and I appreciate the effort that you guys out in, sucks that tha
Re: DTR TrueSkill Ok I understand but essentially what you're saying is without consistently playing with a fireteam r
Re: DTR TrueSkill And trials is all good due to a fresh game everytime I don't have to worry about this issue but I've
Re: DTR TrueSkill [quote=Darkened Night]Those losing matches don't seem to be affecting you. You've been consistently
Re: DTR TrueSkill Well I mean all good if I get to play the game out I can still get some good kills and have a chance
Re: DTR TrueSkill Stupid system seeing as I keep getting put into losing matches of 18000-7000 point control matches

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