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Re: Option to not record. Ah. I understand. That makes sense. In that case, I suppose it wouldn't be worth the hassle if you t
Re: Option to not record. How could it be exploitable by boosters? Perhaps if they know they're about to lose a match or they'
Option to not record. I had a thought. On occasion I find myself wanting to casually mock around in Crucible trying to
Faction War improvements! Hey guys. Three things! 1. I think with the contribution list, tallys should be highlighted in
Re: Introduce Yourself Hello! I'm Faeyrin, but I've had many gamertags. I've been playing games since I was a wee tot of th
Re: Custom signature background? That would work, too. You just have to remember the lowest common denominator of web design noobs. S
Custom signature background? That would be cool. Just saying. Upload it from a URL or PC.

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