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Re: Skilled and semi serious clan lfm! ps4 lvl 28 hunter and titan. Wanna split from my clan due to toxic leader. I can bring a few with me w
Re: Level 20 Warlock Mature Casual Gamer looking for PvE and PvP Clan - PS4 What Time zone? Couple of us in the UK are looking for more and 10PM for you sits right after work
Re: Malice eSports Clan recruiting for strikes/raids - established, mature gamers Please clarify, are you exclusively X1? I didn't see any specific console loyalty on your site. Loo
Experienced gamer seeking new group - PS4 OK, so the people I've played with for the past 6 years have become totally insufferable. More to th
Re: ps4 26 Warlock looking for pve clan Looking for the same but I'm UK. Good luck with the search
Re: Experienced gamer seeking new group Too long. I still have good friends there but I'm finished with the agro. Thanks for the sympathy an
Experienced gamer seeking new group So think of this post as a personal ad and if you dont get that ref than a missed connection on crai

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