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Re: Destiny is love, Destiny is Life :)
Destiny is love, Destiny is Life [youtube]E_3QGokMOPY[/youtube] Please, like, comment Sub. Tell me whats up, if theres stuff i
Re: Your Destiny Pet Peeves 1. Shotguns 2. Supers 3. No real rank system in online (i wish they did something like Halo 2's)
Re: Twitch Hub i stream all types of games.
Re: Destiny - Quick Scoping Montage McVeigh i feel yah lol.
Re: Introduce Yourself Hello, my name is Joel. I started playing on Xbox Live 9 years ago, mainly playing Halo 2 and hav
Destiny - Quick Scoping Montage [youtube]Rr4gOhhF05Q[/youtube] Let me know what you think, what i need to do to improve and what

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