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Re: My Stats Embed Code So we can only use the signatures here on the DT site?
Re: Bored, only person I know playing this darn game on PS3 well I've been lucky enough to find a small % of people who are "like minded" from the destiny forum
[PS3] LFC 7pm-11pm CST Looking for mature group to run raids and crucible. Would like to get a solid 3vs3 team going or 6v
Re: OSIRIS tournament Quick google brings this up: To earn access to the Trials Of Osiris, you’ll need to use a Tournam
Re: Does level matter enough in the iron banner? [quote=TheBigL][quote=NerdNeutralizer]I'm with you 100% My brother and I shared the same experience
Re: OSIRIS tournament [quote=Morarn]The Trials of Osiris is supposedly an invite only crucible match. You get a ticket in

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