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Re: Why was i banned? this ban is fucking gay anyways i didnt even do shit
Re: Why was i banned? Night how did i spam other than when i was defending myself so i wouldn't get banned there is nothin
Re: Why was i banned? And Spotless i don't play destiny....? really are you fucking kidding me I have a level 24 hunter an
Re: Why was i banned? It wasn't even me it was that kid that used to use the WoodyD account he copied and pasted it also i
Why was i banned? 1) No links to anything pornographic, graphic, or offensive in nature. 2) No posting anything to do
Re: Some Things I'd Like To See yo
This happened to me too.... [url]
Re: Cause being generous leads to good karma, why don't we give VoG saves and Crota's end raid for players that need it. Being helpful and generous enough to give the checkpoint for people makes you feel good about yourself! Jret your going about this the WRONG way bro this didn't have to become a forums post... you should
Re: Amazing Update finally Destiny!! no more cheating FurfanteBjorn of course there going to complain..... Bungie is taking out the only way peopl know ho
Re: need to add new players for pvp you have a 2.05 pvp k/d thats very good lmao
Re: Not finding stats if your goal is to thank him thats what the credit thing is for ... just so you know
Re: Crotas End Raid (Cheesers) hahahaha hes just sick of cheesing and so is the person who made that reddit post and MANY other poe
Re: Crotas End Raid (Cheesers) he is trying to play the game as it was meant to be played... but nobody knows how to do that becaus
Re: Crotas End Raid (Cheesers) Verr is you read the post your would realize that it does affect him that's what this post is about
Re: Crotas End Raid (Cheesers) Brandon thank you... but your link wasn't posted as a link it was posted as plain text don't worry i
Re: Crotas End Raid (Cheesers) Brandon thank you... but your link wasn't posted as a link it was posted as plain text don't worry i
Some Things I'd Like To See I would like to see sort of a notifications thing like twitter where is someone were to Say "@xorth
Re: Country Flag on Leaderboard wait Swat....? how does it happen?
Re: need to add new players for pvp holy fuck man ur actually good at this game lmao itd be nice to be able to play with someone like th
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics This may sound sexist but im just wanting to see the results.... could u do a male- female by class
Re: Not finding stats ... Terry I have problems on my phone.... like I click on things and the site just freezes but pn th
Re: [Site News] Updates jeez xorth plagiarizing
Re: Basic Site Help [quote=TheBigL]Just use the signature generator tool here: [url]
Re: need to add new players for pvp btw my k/d is booty cuz i play that 3v3 shit all the time and i always get paired up with bad kids s
Re: need to add new players for pvp Hello, im not as new to this site as my profile says i am i actually have been here for over 2 month
Basic Site Help on the bottom of certain people forums posts it will show there PvP / PvE stats i.e. TheBigL and xor
Re: [Site News] **SPOILERS** - House of Wolves DLC - New Gear and more leaked! [quote=TheBigL][color=#FF0000]**Massive Spoiler Alert**[/color] A recent [url=http://www.reddit.c
Re: hacked AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This kid is a moron level advantage is turned off in the crucible lma
Re: True Skill Questions alright lol how do u get the thing at the bottom of ur posts?
True Skill Questions How does one improve his true skill rank and what is the maximus true skill rank?
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? [quote=DwightFryebrain]No fun telling, can anybody come up with a guess?[b][/b][/quote] you could fi
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? My gamertag is Hurricane because thats my soccer nickname since my freshman year when i spun around

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