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Re: [Site News] Crota's End Hard Mode Infographic [quote=MegaSword]What about the Crux of Crota? [/quote] There's still no confirmed sightings. Dee
Re: PVE, PVP, or Both? I loved it. I feel like it got back to the straight competitiveness that Halo 2 used to have. Intens
PVE, PVP, or Both? Just curious what you guys plan to focus on. I'm assuming that quite a few people on this site w
Re: One Game and Retired from Xbox Destiny Beta I know, wasn't meaning to say that I'm the best or anything, My PS4 leaderboard is the one I actuall
One Game and Retired from Xbox Destiny Beta Generally play on PS4 but decided top hop over to the Xbox One to try out that Crucible with some fr
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? iPhone 5
Re: Introduce Yourself Hey guys, I'm Malabyte, Community Officer for a community called Pacific Gaming. I'm enjoying the De

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