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(PS4) PvP Focused Clan - Recruiting Now - iClarity With Destiny 2 around the corner and the improved clan systems we are actively recruiting new member
PvP Clan Recruitment: iClarity We are actively recruiting new clan members. The purpose of our clan is to easily find skilled te
PvP Clan Recruitment: BL00DBORNE We are a small PvP clan looking to recruit some new members. We are currently a small group of th
PS4 PvP Clan recruiting: BL00DBORNE If you are tired of matchmaking or LFG and want a group for casual/competitive PvP then why not join
Competitive/Casual PvP Clan: TEAM 1NFERN0 PS4 If you are looking to join a PvP clan for both competitive and casual play then we are recruiting ne
PS4 PvP Clan: Head Hunters Alliance Hello all, I have started up a new clan for experienced PvP players to get together for casual an

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