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Hi Im Swat
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All Raids today, PS4 Looking to do all Raids today (normal and hard) on as many characters as possible. Need about 3-4 pe
NEED SOMEONE FOR SKOLAS QUICK At the servitor round before skolas and got stuck with someone who said "he could beat it in no time
All Raids for today, need 1 or 2 people. I have a group of potentially 4-5 people and need help doing both the normal and hard modes of each
Got the Gorgon chest cp? I'd really appreciate if you'd let me come to open the chest with my characters and see what I get.
PoE level 32 need 2 people. PS4 If interested message NoahSal16
Crotas End Normal mode Need to beat Normal mode Crota on my second character but need people. Will be doing Raid at 3-4 pm
Crotas End Hard Level 32 titan with Gjhallohorn. Need 5 man team ready to do Crotas End on hard and invite me. NoahS
Re: At Crotas, boss room, need Gjallohorns Sooner rather than later, we are waiting in Crotas boss room but won't wait forever
At Crotas, boss room, need Gjallohorns If you have Gjhallohorns or experience on being swordbearer on hard mode friend and join NoahSal16 o
Re: Need 3 people for VOG Normal PS4 We actually are more comfortable doing Crotas End if you're interested in that.
Re: Need 3 people for VOG Normal PS4 [quote=BigBlackMori]Mate I've got a group of 3, if you want get your friends to mix with us. We are
Need 3 people for VOG Normal PS4 Add NoahSal16 we have a party and Fireteam ready
Prison of Elders help PS4 Looking for 2 people to help do the Machine Wrath level 32 Arena. Message NoahSal16 if interested

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