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Realkraftyy's stream! #1 on PSN/2nd in the world! Hey guys! I'm leveling my Control trueskill up to 50 and then moving on to skirmish! I keep a list o
Re: Joining games in progress Yeah, but when you couple that with the 15+ Error code Anteater losses i've acquired, I should be a
Joining games in progress It really sucks losing 10-15 wins trueskill progress when you join an FFA game at 2000 pnts already
Re: DTR score not updating. [quote=TheBigL][quote=Realkraftyy]Played 75 games of Rumble yesterday and it wont update or show tha
DTR score not updating. Played 75 games of Rumble yesterday and it wont update or show that I played those games. Last updat

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