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[PS4] iTsGaming - Reboot For Year 2 - Details Inside [RECRUITING] I'm looking for in-game active players from any region, people who are looking for a little more org
Re: Looking for Raid Clan Ps3 [quote=Aasadorian]Looking to get in with a clan so I can play more frequently with quality and consi
Re: PVP Hunter looking for group/clan (EU) (UK) [quote=pabzftw]I am looking for a small group/fireteam from the UK to play PvP with. I have a decent
Re: looking for clan [quote=Killerwaif]Looking for active pve raid clan [/quote] [b][color=#CC0000]You've been invit
Re: LF xbox 1 clan [quote=shockinu117]looking for a group of people to do the raid, weekly, ext. ext and pvp. usually a
Re: Looking for a Destiny Xbox One clan/community. [quote=Ninja Dude]I am basically looking for a non competitive, casual laid back clan/community on t
Re: Looking for PS4 clan, for raids/pvp/nightfalls [quote=repins emanon]I tend to play daily, I am mostly experienced in pvp but have dabbled lightly i
Re: New player looking for PVE clan on X1 [quote=Wond3r Bean]Just got the game this weekend, already into it. Only level 18 but will be trying
Re: looking for clan to join [quote=ViperRakas]hi, i am a level 29 warlock this is my first shooter game so i am a little slow to
Re: looking for PS4 clan [quote=xavman4493]You can look at my stats I'm pretty cool. Add me xavman4493 ps4 name. I'm looking
Re: PS4: Looking for Clan - Trials of Osiris/Prison/Raids [quote=GeorgeVvBAMF]I have a 3 - 32 hunters with nearly every exotic gun/armor in the game. I am loo
Re: Looking for 360 PVP Clan [quote=Jjzotia]Lately I've been doing very well in the PVP and I'm looking to join up with some peop
Re: XB1 guardian looking for sold clan. [quote=douevenvapebro]I have a 32 titan, warlock, and hunter. I have all exotics but 3, and have 2 m
Re: [360] Looking for a clan [quote=Golfcoastkid]Hello , I am looking for a somewhat active clan for the upcoming HOW release. Th
Re: Ps4 Looking for a clan [quote=Pandacum]What's up guardians I'm finally looking to join a clan in preps for the house of wol
Re: [MULTI] Open Recruitment / Region Free - iTs Gaming (PS3/XB360/PS4/XB1) - Feel free to add me on Xbox or Playstation: [url= r
[MULTI] Open Recruitment / Region Free - iTs Gaming (PS3/XB360/PS4/XB1) - Good evening Guardians, I am Ricochet - Fireteam Operator of iTsGaming Community. A multi-platform
We Are Recruiting! - XBOX 360 - PS3 - PS4 - CLICK HERE TO START XBOX ONE! Good evening Guardians, I am Riekoche-Fireteam Operator of iTsGaming Community. A multi-platform Des
Re: iTs | IT TAKES SKILL | ALL PLAYERS WELCOME - REGION FREE - MICS ONLY [PS3/PS4] Not even worried about it Vuku, feel free to add me anytime to game!
Re: iTs | IT TAKES SKILL | ALL PLAYERS WELCOME - REGION FREE - MICS ONLY [PS3/PS4] Friendly reminder, we are currently running a contest for clan members. You can win prizes!

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