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Re: Looking for a Clan that plays Crucible (XBOXONE) Check out XRG, were looking for active players to clear hm/cm on Tuesdays, then gear up for trials.
Re: Looking For active PVP mainly clan xbone Check out XRG, were looking for active players to clear hm/cm on Tuesdays, then gear up for trials.
Recruiting Solid trials team LF two solid pvpers to consistently run trials and three's. Tired of running a few cards and swappin
Re: LF Active Xbox One Clan HM Raids/Trials/fun Hey man, so XRG is a growing clan of 20 or so members that run just about everything. We clear HM on
Re: Xbox one 309 hunter 308 Titan 307 lock with 4500 grimoire 1200+ hours gameplay and a 1.45 K/D in crucible. you may want to check us out then good sir. We are seriously sarcastic assholes, that im honestly su
Lf 2 consistent players 305+ (XB1) Hey were a small tight nit clan that's on every day/night and were lf 2 more players ready for hardm
Re: 309 Warlock Looking for a PvP and PvE Clan Hey man, so we have a small tight nit clan of 4 consistent guys that are on every night and a chunk
Re: Looking for a clan or people who can play without cursing ^sounds like a pog officer in the army.
Re: 5 hardmode ready 305 for serious pvp\pve clan If you guys are ok with 307 light and lack of mouth breathing, check out X Rated Gamers on the bungi
hardcore clan lf more members. XRG is recruiting non mouth breathers to join us in shitting on Oryx and kiddos in the crucible. We
Re: 307 Titan looking for serious raid/pvp group Hey man what's going on? So we got 5 solid guys all 305+ that run the raid 3 times a week. I think o
XRG clan LFM 4 raid/crucible Hey everyone, were a small tightnit group of four players that run together through strike farming,
LF Serious Xbox one Clan Looking for a clan for TK, im at the point where you cant really go lone wolf and LFR isnt very prom

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