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Recent Games not showing Im pretty sure ive played more than 1 game but when i refresh my page only one game shows up, from
When Is ELO Back? you say an hour but really we know its been more...
Re: Destiny Tracker New Design??? The recent games could be hidden in the right hand side, and you click on a vertical tab to show it,
Destiny Tracker New Design??? Can anyone tell me if this new design is going to happen, or are they just testing it right now, to
Re: DTR TrueSkill Hey I was wondering how long it will take to get to 50 Trueskill from 49 Trueskill? I got from 48-4
Re: hard core PVP clan what console are you?
How To Win In Rumble This is a short guide on how to guarantee, or increase your chances in winning a Rumble game. [im
Re: DTR Elo It took another 3 hours just to get it back up to 1486, but out of the 15 games I played, I only los
Re: DTR Elo actually you only dropped me to 1455, thank you so much
Re: DTR Elo Got myself to 1485 elo rumble which placed me at 19th, had to win over 24 games today and roughly 19
My Elo dropped 28 points in one game help! wtf my ELO was 1418.0 in rumble like 30 minutes ago, which placed me a 52nd in rumble on psn, theres a g
Re: [Site News] Destiny API Down So any games that I play now on destiny. wont count towards my trueskill, ive won 8/8 rumble matches
Re: Cannot find my stats [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=slinka][/quote] Stat collection is currently down. Please bare with us

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