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Re: [Videos] DestinyTracker Clip Challenge | Episode 1 Results Cant wait to get my hands on some recording gear and then I'll defo be posting up some vids - been g
Re: Destiny Clip Challenge - Episode 1 Submissions Just need to get a set up then will be up for this for sure - been meaning to start rec'ing sooner
Re: Off topic - change of GT Admin Can delete this thread - profile has updated
Off topic - change of GT Ive changed my GT recently does this mean ive lost all my stats? even though im still using the s
Re: [Site News] Trials Of Osiris Is Returning With Some Nice Tweaks for Oct 16th! personally im a big hand cannon user or scout rifle - so most likely the hawkmoon or a decent scout
Re: Curious gaurdian You can check and / or compare all your k/d - score - kills - zones captures / neutralised stats fro
Possible new rank statistic Any chance that we could get a precision kill p/g statistic
Re: How Should DTR TrueSkill Transition into Year Two? I would go for the different grades of 50 personally - if you are grinding it out for a 50 rank I wo
Re: Deleting profile [quote=]Ah, that explains it. Just so you know, you can edit your post by clicking the orange pencil
Re: Deleting profile was a typo .... i CANT seem to access my stats but ive managed to resolve the issue n
Deleting profile Just wondering if you can delete the profile and re join? as i can access my stats

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