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Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro will do bro :) message me on bungie
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro That's fine, I do understand. I do have to help all my clan members, that why I say maybe
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro I know, that's why I said I can carry you through one maybe..
Re: Recruiting PVE players! Do you have a bungie group? if so, Link
Re: Looking for an organized clan to play with? Join the PMS|H2O Clan! Was this a CoD Clan at one point? I remember a member in the clan, years ago tho..
Re: [PS4] Looking for active mature raiding guild. If you think you are up for the challenge, Raid Pro is recruiting! Check us out on - [url
Re: Recruiting PVE players! Are any of your guys Sherpas? The Destiny version of KSI..
Re: [XB1] Looking for a PVE clan do do raids with. My clan, Raid Pro, gets all the raids done in the 1st 4-5 hours it comes out, also help people all d
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro Sadly, I don't think this is the clan for you then. I want good people, and that does not mean w
Re: [XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro -Bump-
[XB360 & XB1] Clan Recruitment for Raid Pro Hello! My name is Vudu and I own the clan, "Raid Pro". My clan name says alot, but not all. We are
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed @akaVudu < Almost to 1k!
Re: Introduce Yourself Hello! I am Vudu, or B... call me either:) I am a YouTuber and love the game Destiny, Call of Duty,

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