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Re: PS4 Sweaty Clan. Fayth. Oh, I'll edit the post to change that sorry! We're on PS4.
PS4 Sweaty Clan. Fayth. Our clan is only for those looking to play[b] Comp/Esports on PS4[/b]. [spoiler]Esports LUL[/spoiler
Fayth (Ps4) Fayth. PvP/Sweaty/Competitive focused Clan with an emphasis on Maturity and Improvement. PS4 only
The Vanguardians (Recruitment Re-Opened) [img][/img] [url= ]App
The Vanguardians (All consoles) Just said I'd drop a quick post here. I created The Vanguardians a month ago and we have risen to ov

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