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Re: DTR Elo [quote=Darkened Night][quote=Wolverine499]So I asked a question regarding elo & was directed without
Re: Elo clarification That's fine, I assumed different formulas, but the two different ratings seem far off enough (as far
Re: Elo clarification I just posted the question on the elo post, would you recommend messaging him directly? I just find
Re: DTR Elo So I asked a question regarding elo & was directed without much of an answer besides what I kinda al
Re: Elo clarification I appreciate the quick reply, I'll ask the same question but in a more specific manner. They get the
Elo clarification I looked back a few pages, couldn't find any info, hope I'm not asking a question that's been answer
Re: Geo Rank help? Thanks. I was able to find myself through searching the leaderboards & filtering my location, but it
Geo Rank help? After entering my location into the settings, it still won't show my Geo rank, it just keeps saying

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