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Re: [Site News] Crucible Weapon Usage Statistics I knew the Hand Cannon percentage would be high but, over 50%? Wow. Makes me love my pulse and scout
Re: Public Event Farming Guide Prety sweet find DTR Tyyger. Cant wait to try this tonight.
Re: [Site News] Guide to DestinyTracker Stoked about the PvE coming soon!
5 More New Emblem Codes!!! Enjoy FJ9-LAM-67F JDT-NLC-JKM JNX-DMH-XLA 7CP-94V-LFP JD7-4CM-HJG
New In Game Emblem Code [b]WARNING[/b]: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS USE CAUTION It's seems many peopl
Forum bug, maybe? I check the site and forums out at least once a day everyday, so today when I clicked the "Forums &
Re: No Private Matches? I haven't heard anything about them but it's almost a Bungie tradition now to have custom matches fo
Re: [Site News] Official Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Trailer All I really see is different variants of Team Deathmatch but instead of them being in one playlist
Re: Make Friends (Xbox360) Xbox 360 GT: Yo Erk
Re: Destiny Beta Poll I'm surprised at the low number of pulse rifle users. The hand cannon I get, at least for the beta.
Re: IGN Preview 29 Titan As if I was excited before about using a Titan, now the wait is going to seem even longer!
Re: What game's filling the void? I'll come home from work and play Halo 4 but the void is very much still there.
Re: Post Your Picture [quote=Sengir79][quote=Yo Erk]Me and my daughter from early in the summer this year. [IMG]https://f
Re: What rare materials have you found? [quote=TacticaIity]I'm hoping for some subtle 117 placement somewhere.[/quote] Funny you say that
Re: What rare materials have you found? [quote=Hey Im Swat]That's some terrible photoshopping right there.[/quote] I wouldn't photoshop a
Re: Post Your Picture Me and my daughter from early in the summer this year. [IMG]
Re: A few exotic items from the BETA The Bad JuJu looks bad ass ass!! First time seeing that gun.
Re: NetCode I have to disagree. And I'm not saying this just because I was a Titan either. I think the titan onl
What rare materials have you found? [url=]Red Pokemon Ball[/url] Does anyone know or have seen t
Re: my destiny montage!!!!! (XBOX ONE) Pretty good job for a first time. The video quality is absolutely amazing. All the footage I've seen
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? 360 here as well. I think it's cool though if I goto play on a friend's Xbox One I can just download
Re: PVE, PVP, or Both? I'm definitely doing both. At first mainly PvE to build my Titan up. But I'm also going to have to j
Re: Introduce Yourself Hi everyone. My name is Eric. I'm glad I stumbled upon this site. I was really hoping there would be

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