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Re: [PS4][Destiny2] Want to be part of a active, different type of clan? Come Join Shaxx's Roughnecks. How many members? I have been playing D1 since the Alpha released on PS4, with 1300 hrs played/wast
Re: Destiny (PS4){Recruiting} Yup, go ahead, it should be set to automatically let you join the clan. Im 38, we have another memb
Destiny (PS4){Recruiting} Are you the plane, or are you the wind? If you know what this means, please join so you can let the
Destiny(PS4)[Recruiting] Do you suck at PvP? At PvE? Can't find a group for the raid? LOSER!!! If you wanna be a loser with a
Re: (PS4)[Recruiting]{Destiny} Once you have joined, message axendo or diesel_layla on PSN.
(PS4)[Recruiting]{Destiny} Look at your family. Look at your PS4. Look back at your family. The holidays are here. Would yo
Re: [Destiny][PS4][NOT A Safe Space] [img]
[Destiny][PS4][NOT A Safe Space] Seriously, we don't want you. We are better off without you. We're antisocial. We will make fun of y
DTF is now recruiting! You are walking through the forest and decide to stomp on a nearby critter, you miss and the little
Re: DTF is now recruiting! This is your last weekend to join before Rise of Iron! Let's go kick some ass and murder everything
Re: DTF is now recruiting! [img]
Re: DTF is now recruiting! [img][/img]
DTF is now recruiting! Drawn to Funk(hereby known as DTF) is looking for new members. We are a relaxed clan, with mature(is
Re: pH1r3PhLy looking for new members on PS4 pH1r3PhLy is again accepting fresh meat, err, recruits!
Re: pH1r3PhLy looking for new members on PS4 [img][/img]
Re: pH1r3PhLy looking for new members on PS4 Really, you haven't joined already??
Re: pH1r3PhLy looking for new members on PS4 5000 imaginary points to the next person to join!
Re: pH1r3PhLy looking for new members on PS4 11 days until new content! It will be a lot easier with teammates to get to light level 335!
pH1r3PhLy looking for new members on PS4 Accepting new members for a new clan. Me and a couple of friends got tired of being in clans where

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