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Destiny Crucible Clutch Clip [youtube]AtADYZuMLls[/youtube]
Destiny Data Usage and Connection Problems Hey everyone, I have a problem that I was wondering if you guys could help me with. I was wondering
Re: Destiny unlock codes. I got all of them, Thanks! Do you have to link your microsoft account to your destiny account to get
Re: All in-Game icons so far. I used b5 and c12 in the beta. I want r20 or r29 to use in the full game.
Re: Official Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Trailer I think im just going to play campaign until i get really good weapons and armor. Then im just going
Destiny Beta Gameplay and Thoughts By: iiNsane Rebel Hey everyone, This is me playing some Iron Banner. I talk about my thoughts on the game and what I l
Re: Titan Single Game Kill Record and Montage by PDIGGY22 very nice gameplay and montage. those spawn snipes in the montage was awesome.
Re: No CTF? Hopefully they will add it later. I love CTF.
Re: Another Solid Destiny Betatage | by Novaloso very nice montage. i enjoyed every second. Good gameplay and editing.
Re: [Site News] Beta Characters Will NOT Transfer to Retail! I was planing on making a new character anyways. I didn't like the way mine tuned out. At least now
Re: Make Friends (XboxONE) iiNsane Rebel Hey everyone! I will most likely be a Titan when Destiny comes out. My friends list

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