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Re: Supremacy stats and medals? @Hey Im Swat I don't see any of the Supremacy specific medals in recent matches.
Re: Supremacy stats and medals? When looking at recent games, I'm not seeing those medals earned that are specific to Supremecy.
Supremacy stats and medals? Is there any news on DTR providing updated medals earned related to Supremacy? I dislike the fact t
Re: Crucible Playlist Divisions Being consistently inconsistent is what I'm all about and my scores show it.
Re: Destiny Clip Challenge - Episode 1 Submissions Does the clip have to happen in a single life? Can it be from different matches sort of like a mash
Oh tilt, you can be so jaded For whatever reason I seem to have really good days and really bad days in PVP. It's not like I sta
Re: [Site News] Hold off this week on Nightfall Damnit!!! I already ran the NF for all three characters (and yet again didn't get the flayer cloak
Re: [Site News] The state of Iron Banner I know this is off topic a bit, but the drops in this past IB were pretty poor. I kept seeing the b
Re: [Site News] The state of Iron Banner [quote=Hux2yaDome]I played 42 matches of IB. In those 42 matches this is what Legendary gear that dr
Re: DTR TrueSkill I'm way late to the party, but this tool is pretty darn cool. While I'll never - probably never - g
Re: [Site News] How To Get The Sleeper Simulant Exotic Fusion Rifle (Part 1) Mostly helpful. But are you telling us that we weren't supposed to be turning those weapons into th

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