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Re: Misunderstood as spam. Please Unban thanks [quote=Jonny0s5]Hey there was a string of posts one day looking for people to raid that were done on
Re: Please unband me [quote=Funkiestdusty]I was spamming an I am truly sorry this is a good site to find people I have me
Re: Cannot find stats [quote=xApocalyptic]New here. PSN xApocalyptic. When I search it says it can not find me. Any help?
Re: Banned for spamming [quote=lubeeeeee]I was banned for spamming however i don't think I was spamming, as when I got the p
Re: Banned for spamming. [quote=Beatboxer74]Hello, I am posting this because I got banned for spamming 5 days ago, and I'm st
Re: Says my PSN ID is already linked to a different account and cannot check stats [quote=Derbs95]When i try and enter my psn ID "derbs95" is says the following; Unable to link the
Re: Misunderstood as spam. Please unban [quote=cal5202]The chat box was moving so fast I had to keep posting... It was not my intention to s
Re: Banned from chat [quote=DNCAMoore]Sorry, sent to many times, if i am unbanned promise it wont happen again[/quote]
Re: Chat room doesn't exist? [quote=logan0296]i think it's because of a ban I need to find a way to unbann so i can get raidteams
Re: Chat room doesn't exist? [quote=ronjohn1992]Tried posting keep getting error message chat room doesn't exist [/quote] Try
Re: Room doesn't exist [quote=Rawwkid]I am posting on lfg I'm not banned and it says room doesn't exist I don't know how t
Re: Banned from chat [quote=ronjohn1992]Got a little busy in there posted too many times :/ sorry[/quote] You have bee
Re: PSN already linked [quote=wondershawn]Hello everyone. I'm trying to link my PSN (ShawnSwan) to my account. But it says
Re: Mayhem Clash included on homepage leaderboard [quote=CAO]Can we make this a thing? I'd really like to see the new game modes included with the oth
Re: Im sorry [quote=Dumster Orphan]i was just really anxious to find a group and other people were writting sligh
Re: PSN already linked [mention]AngryFaceX[/mention] please let us know when you receive the verification message.
Re: Banned? [quote=S0cc3rMa573r]I posted a message saying i needed to do the exotic sword bounty and i got banne
Re: Banned for spamming [quote=Rawwkid]I got banned for spamming is there any way to get unbanned I really like destiny trac
Re: Moderator!! [quote=Rawwkid]Please unban me I was banned for spamming didn't realize the thirty second rule won't
Re: Please unban me! [quote=Pxzah]Sorry for spamming, Computer was lagging and my post wasn't getting sent and when it di
Re: Banned, please unban me! [quote=StuffMixerNL]Sorry for spamming, i Will not do it anymore.[/quote] You have been unbanned.
Re: I got banned ): [quote=REB3L THUNDER]i have used destiny tracker for a while now and i would like to keep using it.
Re: I got banned! [quote=Little Guts]A couple a days ago I must have got banned for spamming doing the oryx cp, im sor
Re: Banned [quote=xx iCorTaNA]I got banned for spamming and I was not doing so at all. I need to be unbanned .
Re: Sorry for spamming, please unban me [quote=Felembo]I really needed help in the crucible with this stupid quest. I won't spam again. Plea
Re: Banned please help [quote=Onemilo]I got banned for posting too many times please help[/quote] You have been unbanned
Re: Banned please help [quote=Felembo]I won't spam next time [/quote] You have been unbanned. In the future please allo
Re: Banned by Accident ;/ [quote=J4VX]Dear admins or whoever in charge I was banned by accident, i have used my android tab
Re: Accident ban [quote=vTrixyz]I accidently got banned for spamming I didn't mean to spam I didn't think I was I was
Re: Banned an accident [quote=Deadwreckz]I was trying to get a group and I was hitting send but on my end it wasn't showing
Re: ban issue [quote=TheBigL][quote=BxR does destiny ]I didnt read the spamming part until i had already been bann
Re: banned [quote=Saarius]sorry for spamming, just trying to find a group for hard mode lfg and so many people
Re: Stats [quote=VisibleEye]Quick question, Why is it when we delete a character our crucible kills gets r
Re: Please Unban [quote=Lockshot]Hi, I was banned for spamming earlier. I assumed the automatic filter was in pla
Re: Getting unbanned [quote=Boss V Castell]Im sorry i spammed I did not realize i could get banned for this i wont do it
Re: Un banning [quote=Joseph]Hi, I do not know why I was banned I only posted on here once today. Can you please
Re: xbox Gmaertag help [quote=L RAMBRO]Never mind. I am an idiot! I entered it wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience[/quote]
Re: Banned, please un-ban [quote=Nate eGriff]Hi, it said i was spamming chat, when i really wasnt. was just looking to be un b
Re: attn moderators!!! ban help [quote=vib2004]if any one can help me it would be awesome. i hit a wrong button combo on my macro pa
Re: Banned from chat... [quote=ByArza]Alright well thank you for that, and well I don't really go into it all to much to kno
Re: Banned [quote=ScottyShotJA]I have been banned and am unsure why? [/quote] I have already replied to you
Re: Got banned [quote=hat triickz]Would like to be unbanned please[/quote] You have been unbanned. Please reme
Re: Regional leaderboard [quote=DinoLikPuu]i am supposed to be showing up on Australia, Victoria ,Kerang[/quote] You Xbox
Re: Regional leaderboard [quote=DinoLikPuu]Ok please do because this is getting annoying this should just be an easy thing lo
Re: Got Banned [quote=AJ Dotti]It says i was spamming, when i really wasn't. I was posting about every 20 seconds b
Re: Plz unban me [quote=haveariceday]Sorry I spammed. :)[/quote] You have been unbanned. Please remember to space
Re: Got banned [quote=iProHEADHUNTA]i was banned for spamming lfg, i felt like wasnt spamming that bad, please lift
Re: Linking Xbox GT? [quote=x M o o s e]I want to link my xbox GT (EpilpticMoose) but it says its already linked to a acc
Re: Calcified Fragments [quote=João Saraiva]Theres any way to know what fragment missing with my titan ? because i grabed s
Re: i was reported for lfg? [quote=HONGERHOLT]Can you unban me from chat i was trying to get a group and I was banned from chat[

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