Bungie has confirmed that bugged Fusion Rifle 'Jotunn' will be disabled for Shadowkeeps upcoming raid 'Garden of Salvation,' after the weapon's power was dialed up to 11 following glitches to the coding of the drop.

The bug sparked fears from the Destiny community that World's First raiders would use the broken Jotunn to power through Shadowkeep's end-game content, but game director Luke Smith has alleviated concerns after he revealed the 'Toaster' would be disabled.

"Jotunn/Toaster will be disabled for Garden of Salvation. The team has identified the issue with Jotunn and we will release a fix in a future update," he said and confirmed the update would likely be deployed sometime in the next few weeks.

Jotunn is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that was introduced to Destiny 2 during Season of the Forge. Its uniqueness comes from it firing a single, high powered solar round that tracks enemies and explodes on impact, causing burn damage to anything caught in the explosion.

Youtuber “Ehroar” was seemingly the one to discover this bug, or at least the person to make it widely known, and uploaded a video recently titled “The Most Broken Thing in the History of Destiny”. In this video, Ehroar explains that upon using a certain technique, it is possible to quintuple the damage dealt by Jotunn. The damage boost is done through being almost within touching distance of whatever enemy you are firing at. If you are wounded by the splash damage dealt by Jotunn, the enemy you fired at will take drastically more damage.

Another odd thing about this bug is that it is tied to whatever framerate the game is running at. Essentially the higher the framerate the higher the extra damage dealt by Jotunn. So unfortunately for you console players out there, where the game is locked at 30 FPS, you will see a much smaller increase in damage from using this glitch.

Youtuber and Streamer “Gladd” also uploaded video recently titled “Most Broken PvE Weapon Destiny Has Seen... Maybe Ever??” where himself and 5 others with Jotunn truly showcase how overpowered this weapon has become. Several endgame Raid bosses such as Kali, Morgeth, Riven, and Val Ca’uor are killed within seconds, turning what is supposed to be some of the most challenging content into a cakewalk.