We're just hours away from one of the biggest moments in Destiny's history. Shadowkeep marks the first step Bungie is taking in a post-Activision world, returning us to the popular Moon in a new way, and bringing back a host of villains and heroes in the spectral world.

Alongside the Shadowkeep expansion comes perhaps and even bigger slice of history - Destiny 2 is heading free-to-play on consoles, and PC as it makes the switch from Battle.net's launcher to Valve's mega-program Steam.

It's a bold choice, and one that is expected to breath new life into the looter-shooter franchise with an influx of new and returning players grabbing the far cheaper - as cheap as it can be really - choice for the Destiny sequel. Guardians are expected to flow into the Tower by the thousands, and boost the title to the top of the game charts with it's new F2P facelift.

But what exactly are new Guardians going to be able to do in Bungie's world once they've downloaded the title? We know they'll be boosted straight to the new base level of 750 Power after a brief handful of story missions introduces or re-introduces them to the world.

Here's everything Guardians can do when New Light drops this week:


The Crucible is perhaps one of the major flagship modes for Destiny, so of course it will be available for all New Light players. All maps will be available in the rotation pool to make sure the player base isn't separated as well.


If Crucible is the PvP flagship mode, Strikes are the leading PvE activity, and they too will be fully available for new players. They're hard missions, but not as difficult as some story runs or the end-game raids. All Year 1 Nightfall missions will also be available.


Taking Crucible and Strike-gameplay together, Gambit is the PvE/PvP blend. It too will be available, both the default version and Gambit Prime. New Light players will also be able to play all the maps currently in the pool, for the same reason as Crucible's all-access decisions.


All Year 1 raids - Leviathan, Spire of Stars, and Eater of Worlds - will be available to F2P players, with weapons and armor (now upgraded to 2.0 as well) available as loot.

Patrol Zones

This is an interesting one for New Light players. They will be able to travel to every single patrol zone in the game, even the DLC-related ones, and access most of the on-map missions in those areas. What they likely will not be able to do is access the off-site missions available there.


Whisper of the Worm's dungeon, as well as Zero Hour and Outbreak Perfected's interesting challenge, will all be available to the new players.


The Red War, Destiny 2's default campaign, will be available for New Light players, as well Curse of Osiris and Warmind's DLC storylines from the first year of the sequel's release.

The Menagerie

The final annual pass activity Bungie announced New Light players are getting is Menagerie, a sprawling PvE activity where players complete various challenges inside a giant ship, and you’re able to pick what rewards you want at the end through a rune system. It’s very fun.


This is new for Shadowkeep, but all players will have access to the seasonal artifact that gives you bonus power and new experimental mods through XP gains.

Season Rank

New Light players will have access to the free tier of season rank rewards, which is essentially Destiny 2’s new take on a battle pass. You can get armor sets, guns and an exotic from this, even in the free tier this season.