1. Login to your Tracker Network account. You should also verify your gaming accounts if you want to be elligible to claim prizes.
  2. Complete Challenge requirements and work your way up the leaderboard before time runs out.
  3. Prize winners will be contacted via the email associated with their Tracker Network account.

October Kills Leaderboard

Expires in 2 days
Kill Challenge for October. Who can get the most kills this month? Any weapon, any mode, who can get the most.
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Kill Grinder

Expires in 3 days
Get 300 PVE Kills. Kill anything - do it fast and do it with style.
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1 Khereth 3,233
2 QUPD 2,181
3 Grippel92 1,350
4 xX_RazorShot_Xx 1,124
5 AjWhosOver9001 930
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Iron Banner Kills

Expires in 3 days
Get 100 Iron Banner Kills, if you can guardian. Don't let Lord Saladin down!
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Survival Kills

Expires in 3 days
Get 100 Survival Kills - then go on and see who can get the most survival kills this week!
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