Exotic Quest: A Hollow Coronation

For those Guardians who have been faithfully searching for Uldren Sov's scattered Atlas Skews during Tracing the Stars I-III, the activity comes to a head and reveals a new Exotic to claim: Ager's Scepter. Pick up the mission from the Wayfinder's Compass at the HELM, and Mara Sov will help guide you through after you look for the final set of Atlas Skews.

For these last hidden Awoken relics you will have to travel down to the Confluence, a semi-hidden shrine in the middle of the Dreaming City, situated below the Blind Well. To access this area you must find a Taken portal in the Harbinger's Seclude, the Spike of Keres, or the Gardens of Esila. When referring to location, assume that the room directly beneath the Blind Well that contains the portal to the Shattered Throne is the north end of the Confluence. Everything else is located relative to the central room of the hidden area, but once you enter the area you'll easily be able to find the five remaining Atlas Skews. Unfortunately, the Confluence does not show up on the map for the Dreaming City.

The portal in Harbinger's Seclude will be at the lowest point of the area. When you drop down you will find either find a statue in a grassy patch or an area full of amethyst where you would be able to trade with the Ahamkara Skulls of either Huginn or Muninn. Connected to either of these rooms you will find the portal in a rocky path. Taking the portal will take you to the west wing of the Confluence.

From the landing zone, this portal will most likely be the closest, but it doesn't matter so much how you get into the Confluence so long as you're able to get there. Head in the direction of the Observatory where the massive Awoken machine, the Oracle, is located. On the bridge leading up to this building, you can instead hop down to the right and find a small path with another Taken portal that will take you to the south wing of the 

This area is accessed from the Strand in the bottom left corner of the area. As you make your way up some steps you'll come into the Gardens, and it will be full of enemies that will bar your way into the Taken portal at the end of the area. As long as you make your way past all these enemies, you will find a gazebo that will contain the portal. Taking it will teleport you into the east wing of the Confluence.

Similarly to the past couple of weeks with the Tracing the Stars missions, you will be prompted to access a mission marker via the HELM on the directory. Once you enter the mission proper, you will be put in front of the portal that takes you to the Caliburn Gatehouse. Here you will be able to place the last of the Atlas Skews that you found into another Awoken device that will have a recording of the late Prince Uldren as he searched for the Skews, all while recounting the allegorical tale of the twins Ager and Rega. Once he has finished and Mara Sov makes her final commentary on Uldren's views of the Awoken myth, you will gain access into the vault containing the weapon Ager's counterpart had been searching for.

Unfortunately, as you enter the Dozmary Vault you will find that a final security measure has tripped. Approaching the weapon in the center table of the vault will obfuscate it as you step close, and Mara will reveal that there's still an additional seal that must be bypassed in order to claim the Scepter. You will have to visit the Queen once more at the HELM for her to reveal how to obtain the Noble Seal needed to remove the last bit of security.

At this point in time, you will be requisitioned by Mara Sov to clear out her enemies as she orders her Corsairs to seek out the fragments of the Awoken code, known as Strands of Nobility. Once they find all these fragments, Mara promises to hand them over to you and allow you to re-enter the Dozmary Vault to claim your prize but before that you must do what Guardians do best: fight against the enemies of humanity.

There will be another few steps standing in the way of you and the Noble Seal, most of them will require you to fight against the Taken or the Scorn in the seasonal activity, Astral Alignment. 

After talking to Mara she will have asked you to clear out enemies. To achieve this end you will have to find Parallax Trajectory and get final blows with rifles in Astral Alignment.

Parallax Trajectory: You will have to obtain 100 units of Parallax Trajectory
Rifle final blows: Destroy enemies with rifle-class weapons

When it comes to Parallax Trajectory, the fastest way to obtain it will be by seeking out Ascendant Anchors, as they will give you a hefty amount of the currency upon picking them up. The rifle final blows, on the other hand, is a simple step but a bit more time consuming as you will have to get a large number of kills in order to satisfy this step. 
Any Rifle-class weapons will count towards this step, however, so that does make it a bit easier. That will include most weapon archetypes available to Guardians, so long as it is a type of rifle. 

This will include Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles, and even Trace Rifles. So, as you can tell, there's a large number of weapons to choose from, and plenty of Exotics that can help expedite this step.

The next step refers to having to protect the Corsairs by eliminating the commanders of your enemies, so that they will not be able to harm or threaten the Awoken. This will have to be completed in Astral Alignment for both conditions to be met.

Champions: Defeat 18 Champions in Astral Alignment.
Super: Defeat 20 combatants in Astral Alignment with Supers.

While there's no surefire mode of speeding up this particular step, it helps to note that Champions in Astral alignment have a fixed spot where they will spawn, so once you figure out those locations, you will be able to keep an eye out and help take them down quickly to advance. 

As for Super kills, every time that you are about to start an encounter in Astral Alignment, there will be a place to plant a rally banner. As long as you or a teammate has some on hand, you will be able to rally and start the encounter with full Super energy. Remember to use your Super where there is a larger density of enemies, and focus on using a subclass that allows you to clear mobs of enemies quickly and efficiently.

The last bit before being able to return to the vault will have Mara send you out to find the thieves who have taken possession of the Strand of Nobility, smaller bits of code that together will be able to form a Noble Seal. In order to find these Strands, you will have to complete three specific strikes across the system, but fortunately you can launch into them directly.

Collect Strands of Nobility from: 
Lake of Shadows (EDZ)

The Disgraced (Cosmodrome)

The Glassway (Europa)

At the end of each one of these strikes, you will find the pieces that you need at the boss chest. Once you have found all three of them, Mara will once again call you back to the HELM to talk with her. At this point she will reassemble the Strands into the Noble Seal and send us back into the Dozmary Vault to finally claim our new weapon.

Once more, as you head into the Caliburn Gatehouse, the portal opens and you are allowed passage into the Dozmary Vault. This time around as you look towards the middle of the room, you will see no shielding on the weapon in the middle. Walk up and you will see a prompt to take up Ager's Scepter.

At this point in time you'll have the weapon in your inventory, so long as you have an empty slot for your Kinetic weapons. The mission will prompt you to traverse deeper, so go ahead and equip the Stasis Trace Rifle and work on destroying the rocks in your path. Queen Mara had warned the Xivu Arath had become aware of what you have been trying to obtain for the past few weeks, and that she would not simply lie back as we made our way to unlocking a new tool in our arsenal. This much becomes apparent as you make your way deeper into the vault.

Past the rocky path, after clearing the way with the use of your new Exotic, you will find yourself in another Awoken shrine. In here, you will see a huge Hive Knight teleport in. Kelgorath, Risen from Bones, is a follower of Xivu Arath sent here to take possession of the weapon you have just found. Fight them and make apparent to the enemies of the Awoken Queen that she will no longer permit any transgressions against her people or her territory. While you can make use of Ager's Scepter in this battle, it is not required to use it in order to progress through the fight.

Once you have slain Kelgorath, their minions, and sealed the Hive portal that allowed them in, you will once again hear from Mara as she explains the importance of the Scepter. She will summon you one last time to the HELM to talk to her, and once you do, a cutscene will play out. 

From here on, simply enjoy the tale she has for you, finish the dialogue and you will have completed the entirety of the questline. With Ager's Scepter in hand, you are free to hunt the enemies of the Awoken once more throughout the Season of the Lost. 

It was confirmed by the Destiny 2 Twitter account that the Exotic Catalyst for Ager's Scepter will be available after weekly reset on 9/21/21 from completing Astral Alignment and claiming rewards from the additional Wayfinder's Trove chests.
Source: https://twitter.com/DestinyTheGame/status/1437883505858408448?s=20

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2 years ago

For the grindy part with astral alignment and rifle kills, me and my fireteam just didn’t install the para casal batteries so enemies kept respawning and the grind got a lot easier cuz of that. i had a feeling that this was going to tie in with the rocks as soon as i saw them. kinda like wish ender, im assuming you have to break all of them for the seal, realm walker. like for curse breaker. Thanks, this was really helpful for a new player to destiny 2.

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