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How To Complete The Glassway Grandmaster

The Glassway Nightfall Strike is the first strike to become a Grandmaster for Season 14. Whether you are entering for your Conqueror Seal or to complete a seasonal challenge, here is your guide to get through it with ease.

Scorched Earth - Enemies throw grenades significantly more often. 

Champions: Overload - This mode contains Overload Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Overload mod.

Champions: Barrier - This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.

Chaff - Radar is disabled.

Match Game - Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

Equipment Locked

Extinguish - If your Fireteam falls in a restricted zone, your team is returned to Orbit.

Limited Revives - Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Champions Mob - This mode contains additional Champions.

Belmon’s Algorithm - Incoming Void and Aerial damage increased.

Enemy Shield Types: Arc / Solar (very minimal) 

This week you will be able to use quite a variety for your classes. Here is the safest option I have found from testing: 

1x Middle Tree Void Titans with Ursa Exotic Arms / 1x Bottom Tree Void Hunter with Omnioculus Exotic Chest / 1x Middle Tree Solar Warlock with Boots of The Assembler Exotic Boots

If you are looking to get through it quickly you may be able to replace the Void Hunter with a Celestial Golden Gun to increase your times through the Grandmaster. 

Anarchy - Anarchy will be extremely useful as you are able to control many of the enemy spawns in this strike as well as take shots at bosses without fully risking your position.

Any Seventh Seraph or Ikelos Weapon - I don't recommend specific Legendary Gear often but with how this strike plays these weapons will be extremely useful. First off, Warmind cells have gotten a lot of love this season from the Seasonal Artifact so having a weapon on that increases your odds of generating warmind cells is in your best interest. I will specifically recommend the Seventh Seraph Revolver if you have a good roll on it such as Fourth Times The Charm and Vorpal weapon. This will be useful for not only Overload champions but also for creating Warmind cells. 

For the best results run Anti Barrier Auto Rifle or Scout Rifle and Overload Hand Cannon.

Arc Resistance and Sniper Resistance will be crucial to have on an Arc Chest Piece. This will help you to survive sniper shots.

Warmind’s Decree will be nice to have for any player running void. 

Grenade Launcher Scavenger and Reserves will be critical to making sure you stay ahead on the ammo economy for this strike.

Breach And Clear is amazing for everyone running Anarchy. Not only will this speed up boss fights but it will help you with keeping Champions down when you stick them with Anarchy. 

Cellular Suppresion is the best Warmind Cell Mod for Grandmasters. Having this equipped will allow for you to shoot a warmind cell and blind your enemies several times before it explodes. 

Burning Cells is also useful so when you do blow up your Warmind Cell it will melt down a lot of the minor enemies in every room. 

Global Reach your Warmind cells are already going to be so useful, equip this mode to ensure they extend the radius and cover even more enemies.

Hop on your Sparrow immediately and begin making your way into the strike. Stop behind the glacier rock when you see enemies spawning with an Overload Champion. Put some distance between you and these enemies as they will quickly begin to rush you while the Overload Captain takes shots at you from afar. Deal with the Marauders and then focus down the Overload Captain. From here you will need to fight behind cover and take out the snipers and shanks without giving your position up. Use the rocks for coverage. Before jumping into this orange room take out the Overload Captain and enemies from up on the cliff. As soon as you jump down you will spawn more enemies and a Barrier Servitor so you want to wait to do that until you have taken down the first set or else it will become very difficult.This next room will have an Enforcer and Overload Captain and I recommend fighting them from the bottom of the hill. Use the Ursa Shield and Wells as much as you can and focus down the Enforcer quickly as it will be using Stasis and freezing your team often. Once both are down clear out the snipers and send one person forward into the room. This will again spawn another wave with a Barrier Servitor. Take these out and progress forward. 

Once you get to the area where you see enemies you will want to quickly jump the ridge and get behind the rock in the back right of this room. Hug this area and take down the Stasis throwing Assistant as fast as possible and then use your team’s supers to move out from behind the rock safely to clear the rest of the waves. Like the previous two rooms be careful to not push up too quickly or you will summon a Barrier Servitor that will make this room incredibly hard to manage if you haven't already dealt with the other two major enemies. 

The area leading up to the Drain site will be an open battle for your team as you take down enemies while pushing forward. Stay as far right in this room as you can at all times and prioritize taking down Snipers before moving forward. There will be two Overload Champions but there will be enough distance between them that you can take them on without having to be worried about getting ambushed. 

As you approach the plate notice the two Barrels on the left and right of the entrance of the room. These will be where you and your team will need to fight from, use the cover here to focus on snipers and take out shanks before they are able to get to the plate. 

Here is when I have found the enemies to spawn: 

8% LEFT side spawns with solar Heavy Shank

28% RIGHT side spawns with solar Heavy Shank 

38% LEFT side spawns with snipers

56% RIGHT side spawns with snipers 

76% exploders & tracers both sides

90% exploders & tracers both sides

100% complete

When you first enter the boss there will a small group of Dregs and an Overload Champion. Before taking them down familiarize yourself with the small room to the Left. This is going to be your safe house for the boss fight so make sure you and your team know the doorways and entrances. 

Take down the Overload Champion here and immediately head to that room. If you have a lot of Anarchy you can stick the small portals to take out small enemies but if you are low it is best to not waste it. 

Belmont and the smaller Hydra will now come out along side a wave of enemies and two Overload champions. Find the Overloads immediately and take them down safely from inside the room. Communication will be key here because if even one overload sneaks up on your team it is almost ensured to be a wipe. You can ignore the small Hydra but do not stay in its line of sight immediately as it could kill you when it takes random shots. After the Overloads are down do enough damage to the small Hydra to spawn the next wave. Again there will be two Overloads you need to take care of. 

Once that wave is done you can will progress through the fight by damaging the Hydra and spawning two waves like the former two but instead these will have two Wyverns and two Barrier Champions. Use the same strategy as you did with the Overloads to take down the Wyverns. You do not want the Wyverns to be able to enter into your safe area. After they are down you can clear the rest of the enemies. Do not worry about the Barrier Champions, they will not enter the room. 

Use the Ursa Titan to push out and find the Barrier Champions and take them down quickly. You will need to use your most damaging weapons as the Hydra will try to make its way over to you to wipe you. Once they are down damage the Hydra and spawn the next wave. 

The boss fight will repeat like this going from two waves of Overloads to two waves of Wyverns and Barrier Champions. As long as you play it safe and neutralize the biggest imposing threat of each wave you will be able to manage the fight with ease. Use your supers at will and only damage a Hydra when you have cleared out the Champions of the current wave. 

Possible Loot -

Plug One(Adept) Fusion Rifle

Adept Mods - You can earn any previously unearned Adept Mod as well as the new “Big One Spec” which provides a 7-8% Damage Boost against enemies.

Exotic Gear,Enhancement Prisms,Ascendant Shards

Have any questions about running or need help? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter. Follow me on Twitch and on Twitter to stay up to date with my content as I cover Destiny News, Guides, Sherpas and More!

Written by Suttledge


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