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How To Complete The Insight Terminus GM

Insight Terminus has returned as a Grandmaster Nightfall for the second season in a row. Though you may be missing crucial seasonal mods like Anti Barrier Sniper this round, Insight Terminus will still be a walk in the park if you assemble your load out properly. Scorched Earth - Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.

Champions: Unstoppable - This mode contains Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Unstoppable mod.

Champions: Barrier - This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.

Chaff - Radar is disabled.

Match Game - Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

Equipment Locked

Extinguish - If your Fireteam falls in a restricted zone, your team is returned to Orbit.

Limited Revives - Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Champions Mob - This mode contains additional Champions.

Kargen's Stratagem- Incoming Void and Environmental damage increased.

Enemy Shields - Void

Similiar to last season, I am going to recommend Bottom Tree Void Hunter and any of the Stasis Subclasses. Bottom Tree Void Hunter will be the safest play for always being in a position to support your teammates. Stasis will be crucial for enemy control especially if you are a Warlock with the Bleaker Turrets. 

Anarchy - Anarchy will help to keep control enemy spawns, as majority of the time enemies in the strike will be coming through gateway.

Truthteller - If you have a blinding grenades Truthteller in your vault, this is the strike to bring it out for. The blinding perk works on all enemies as well as Kargen in the boss room. It will make plate captures a breeze.

Hung Jury - If you are lucky enough to have an Adept Hung Jury or even a regular one with Explosive Payload you will find it is the perfect primary for this Grandmaster. The way in which Explosive Payload destroys Anti Barrier Shields with ease will prove to be not only beneficial but critical for those moments when multiple Anti Barrier Champions are on the field. 

For your armor I recommend having Anti Barrier Scout Rifle and Unstoppable Grenade Launcher. Both of these mods are the best in their category especially when combined with the weapons mentioned above. 

Void Resistance and Concussive Dampener will be effective for the boss fight. 

Rage of the Warmind and Warmind's Decree will be beneficial for clearing out smaller enemies when you are starting to get overwhelmed during fights. 

Global Reach is extremely useful to make your Warmind Cells explosion radius larger. 

Load in and sparrow through till you are met with two Goblins and an Anti Barrier Hobgoblin. Let the Barrier Champion retreat while you clean up the two goblins.

From here fight from the hallway as you eliminate the Minotaur and first Barrier Champion before fighting the second Barrier Champion that is to the left. There will be another Minotaur as well as a wave of Goblins but take this down quickly from cover before engaging the third Barrier Champion in the back of the room.

After this room there will be an area filled with Cabal and a Cabal Barrier Champion. Make sure to take out as many snipers as possible before jumping over to the other side. If you can take out the Barrier Champ from across the ridge it will also make this room easier.

When you first encounter Kargen he is messing with the construct in the middle of the room. Shoot at him to get him to do his animation but do not get close to him as he will stomp you.

Here you can control the capture zone by utilizing Stasis Grenades on the portal enemies are crashing in from. Take them out quickly and you may not even see the Two Unstoppables that come through after the first wave. If you do manage to summon the Unstoppables, layer Anarchy on top of them and move around the room to take them down. 

This room can be taken entirely from where you initially come in from. With your whole team in the first hallway, all of the enemies will converge onto the cliff immediately to the left of the entrance. From here, you can utilize your Stasis Grenades and Turrets to freeze the entire waves of enemies and take them down at your leisure.

Make sure to prioritize Snipers and Barrier Champions as they will give you the most trouble. With each wave, do not kill the Unstoppable Champion or dunk an orb until you are ready for more enemies.

Here is where you are really going to need to work as a team to utilize your abilities and supers.

Begin capturing the first plate that will release Kargen. Throw a Tether or Stasis out near the portals and set Anarchy traps to catch enemies. Enemies will continually spawn throughout this fight unless you manage to keep four legionaries alive, this is not a must but it will help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Once you do enough damage to Kargen he will retreat to his immune phase where you will need to capture three separate plates. If you are overwhelmed by enemies use cover from the far back of the map and stay as far from the portals as possible. Try to again maintain four legionaries as it will prevent the spawning of any more enemies.

Once you capture all three plates Kargen will again come out and you can work as a team to focus him down till he is defeated. Make sure to stick around till the end of the strike as this is one of the strikes that take a few minutes to verify strike completion.

Have any questions about running or need help running this strike? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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