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The Path of Burning Steps (Exotic)
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Lost Sector Guide: Aphelion's Rest

The final Lost Sector in the Dreaming City rotation is the resting place of a dangerous monster Guardians have yet to encounter. The enemies you'll have to fight through, however, will be more Taken, this time equipped with Stasis weapons. Reclaim this corner of the Awoken’s territory and you’ll potentially be rewarded with new Exotic armor pieces to help repel Xivu Arath and the rest of her army.


Throughout Season of the Lost, only 11 Lost Sectors will be rotated throughout the Season. The rotation goes: 3 from the Dreaming City, 1 from the Tangled Shore, 4 from the Moon, and then 3 from Europa. Additionally, Destination modifiers have been removed and Burn modifiers have been simplified and renamed to simply state which element is affected. In future seasons, the rotation will change and allow players to obtain the Triumphs tied to those destinations’ Lost Sectors.

For all Lost Sectors, the time limit is set at 15 minutes before any additional revives you obtain throughout the activity are taken away, and you will get periodic reminders of that time limit. During Season of the Lost, if you are running on Legend difficulty the recommended Power is 1320, while at Master it is 1350. While you can complete the activity while under-leveled, it is best to keep yourself within 10 Power of the activity otherwise enemies will be able to kill you more easily as well as take much longer to defeat. While a few things change from Legend to Master, the overall strategy used to get through should be about the same.

Activity Modifiers


Enemy (Taken): Epitaph - Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated.

Burn: Stasis - 50% Stasis damage dealt and received.

Champions (Taken): Overload & Unstoppable - This mode contains both Overload and Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stunned without an Overload or Unstoppable mod, respectively.

Limited Revives - Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Legend Modifiers - Recommended Power 1320

Locked Loadout - No changes to weapons, armor, mods, or subclasses while in the activity.

Match Game - Enemy shields are more difficult to break without its respective elemental damage type.

Extra Shields - Elemental shields added to specific enemies (Void for Acolytes)

Total of 4 Champions.

Additional Master Modifiers - Recommended Power 1350

Extra Champions - Increases total Champions up to 7.

Master: Attrition - Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

More than anything, the main thing that Guardians will want to prioritize going into this Lost Sector is the ability to clear large waves of enemies. Being quick is especially important since Taken Psion have the nasty tendency to multiply at an astounding rate, and leaving your enemy alone while trying to recover will cost you a lot of time. Due to the fact that it gets both an increase to damage and has the innate ability to lock down mobs, Stasis can be incredibly useful here as a tool to clear or keep yourself alive.



Due to the amount of clearing potential from either Shadowshot tethers or grenades’ area of effect damage that can be constantly refreshed on Way of the Pathfinder, the Nightstalker trees provide a good option for Hunters to fall back on. Stasis will benefit from the burn, the use of Withering Blades to stun Overload Champions can be extremely helpful as well, and good use of ability combinations will keep smaller enemies in check while trying to clear out big groups or when simply focusing in on priority targets.


Using the Iceflare Bolts Aspect will allow Shadebinders to consistently spread Stasis from one enemy to another with the enemy density provided by Psions’ multiplication ability, and the use of Stasis freezing can be a good tool for subduing Champions quickly. Voidwalkers’ Attunement of Chaos has good clearing potential as well and is good for breaking Acolytes’ shields as well as chaining Void explosions through the use of the Bloom ability.


For this particular Lost Sector, the fact that enemies make use of Stasis opens up the use of the Path of Burning Steps Exotic armor piece while running any Sunbreaker subtree or making use of Solar weapons while halving the effectiveness of any freezing or slowing. Behemoths will also have a decent time running this due to the increased damage from the burn and the fact that enemies are a bit more approachable as Acolytes and Hobgoblins have to rely on freezing you a bit more to be able to kill you.

Bows: This weapon archetype is still the main form of combating Overload Champions, so it remains a necessity especially at a higher difficulty. Using Imperial Needle will help due to it being a Void weapon that can pierce through the enemies’ elemental shields but using any other Bows that have Archer’s Tempo as a perk will also help to clear enemies effectively.


Fusion Rifles: Both Fusion and Linear Fusion Rifles are strong in high-tier activities due to the amount of mods that can be used to bolster their damage and baseline efficacy. If you are trying to get the most out of the Stasis burn, Reed’s Regret can be a strong choice if you are able to get your hands on it.

Swords: As being within melee range of some enemies in this Lost Sector can be a bit less dangerous, Swords make an excellent choice for quickly dispatching both smaller enemies as well as Champions, especially when wielding one that has the Whirlwind Blade perk.

No Time To Explain: On top of having excellent clearing capabilities, this Exotic Pulse Rifle can be an additional choice for stunning Unstoppable Champions. More importantly, it benefits from its owner using Stasis as it will allow one to constantly have the gun reloaded when taking down enemies affected by any form of slows or freezes and thus makes it easier to keep stacking the Rewind Again perk.

Le Monarque: Due to the fact that any arrow that procs an Overload shot will continue disrupting Overload Champions through its poison, this Bow proves to be a devastating weapon against both Champions and Void-shielded enemies alike. This works with poison spread from precision shots as well, and the clouds of poison will also be a good tool for clearing out larger groups of enemies.

Black Talon: It is possible to proc Overload from a distance with this weapon despite it being a Sword, and is particularly good at cutting down high-health targets without needing to be in close proximity. As a Sword, it can also simply mow down enemies in close proximity, or cut down large swathes of enemies that bunch together as they charge at you.

Unstoppable Fusion Rifles: Easily the most preferable of the Unstoppable weapon mods available this season, using this allows Guardians to run a balanced loadout that can still handle both types of Taken Champions found within the Lost Sector.


Overload Bow & Disrupting Blade: While usually the only Overload mod you will use is the one made for Bows, the relative safety of fighting against enemies who only have the use of Stasis guns can make running a Sword a bit easier than other activities. Which weapon archetype you use to deal with Overload Champions is entirely up to personal preference.

Solar Resistance & Concussive Dampener: As the boss is the biggest danger, especially as it shoots out pools of Solar fire, it is important to equip a mod to resist it. Concussive Dampener can also double against the boss’s fire but more importantly protects against both Phalanxes’ shield blasts and Hobgoblins’ retaliation bolts which means it’s good for protecting against most high-priority targets.

Thermoclastic Strike: An additional tool for taking down Overload Champions or at least keeping them disrupted while you try to burst them down. Pairs well with Resonance Siphon if running a Stasis subclass.

Resonance Siphon: Any stuns or disruptions will return ability energy to Guardians running Stasis, and any freezes on Champions will usually reset their stun cooldown, which in turn means more energy back on abilities when you stun them several more times.

Particle Deconstruction: Pretty much any Fusion Rifle can be used to stack up this mod and increase damage on subsequent Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion Rifle shots, which helps speed up clears and makes fighting Champions much safer. Several Exotic Fusion Rifles are able to stack this debuff almost instantly and will annihilate all types of enemies regardless of whether they are minors or bosses.

Enemies: Thrall & 1 Unstoppable Phalanx


When you first load into the Lost Sector, you will be positioned away from all enemies. As you approach the first crowd of enemies, you will notice that they will be idle until you either move up to them or attack them. If you trigger either of these conditions, the Thrall will begin to chase you down and can easily overwhelm you if you don’t have area of effect abilities or damage to clear them out or control the area. Assuming you instead clear them out quickly, another wave will spawn in and act similarly to the first group, so again defeat them promptly and you’ll be able to move on.

Moving deeper into the area, you will see a pond of sorts with even more Thrall and an Unstoppable Phalanx at the far end of the pond. Attacking any of them will aggro all enemies, but the Phalanx will usually stay where it is until you move closer. Use this time to clear out as many Thrall as possible, but be wary of the Champion starting to move on you. Also, try not to stay in the water, as there is a low ceiling that can end up making it hard to run away from any enemy that gets within melee range, which could ultimately cost a revive. When the Phalanx starts rushing you it is imperative to stun it so it can’t shoot you down or use its shield blast, both of which will quickly force you to expend a revive. If there are still other Thrall near the Phalanx, you can either kill them or back up to get in a better position to take out the Champion, but don’t ignore the smaller enemies as they can overwhelm you if they get close.

Once you’re at a comfortable number of lesser minions or if you are able to isolate the Unstoppable Champion you should focus your attention on taking out the Phalanx. Simply stun the Champion and lay into it with debuffs before using your Heavy to destroy it, but don’t stay too close to it if it seems like it’s shrugging off the stun. Retreat when its stun is resetting, tackle it once more when the laurels stop glowing, and repeat as needed. Remember to be patient, especially when trying for a flawless clear.

Enemies: Thrall, Psions, Void-shielded Acolytes, 1 Unstoppable Phalanx, 1 Overload Hobgoblin (1 additional Overload Hobgoblin on Master)


As you step out of the pond from the first area, you will find a large group of both Thrall and Psions standing around a large tree. Behind them, on a ledge will be several Acolytes and a Hobgoblin, all of which will be sporting Stasis guns, a new gift to your enemies from the Darkness. Similarly to the first group of Thrall, you will want to take out the lesser Taken around the tree without delay, especially since Psions could rapidly multiply and make this section much harder than it needs to be. Be aware that some Thrall might hide behind the tree in the middle of this section and can potentially rush and kill you if you aren’t paying attention to your radar.

Spawned in behind this larger group will also be an Unstoppable Phalanx that you can potentially bait out into the pond area which will make it much easier to handle. Same as the first Phalanx, you will want to keep it isolated to avoid suffering damage from its minions and work on whittling down its health. Keep in mind that the Phalanx will not drop aggro unless you stun it and stay out of sight, so keep dodging into cover whenever it is invulnerable to stuns. You can choose to take out this Champion first before taking out the group of Thrall and Psions, but usually you will take it out afterwards. 

After the smaller adds and the Unstoppable have been dealt with, you can start focusing on the enemies on the ledges. Sometimes the Acolytes will decide to jump down and fight with the Psions, at which point you can try to detonate their Void shields to clear out your enemies faster. If they stay on the ledge, however, be wary of the Overload Hobgoblin they will be next to as popping their elemental shield will damage the Hobgoblin and trigger its retaliation bolts. To prevent this from affecting you, it’s safest to disrupt the Champion and then focus on taking out its allies. After the Acolytes are down, you should be able to disrupt the Hobgoblin and whittle down its health with ease.

On Master difficulty, there will be an additional Overload Hobgoblin you will have to deal with, but due to the fact that they have Stasis guns, they pose little threat in terms of damage. For the most part, you should be able to get in the Champions’ faces so long as you don’t let them melee you or let yourself be frozen by the Stasis fields their bullets will form. Taking them out one at a time, from a distance, will usually be the safest play, but using a more aggressive strategy like fighting these Hobgoblins with Swords can potentially shave off some time from your clears while still being relatively safe. Simply be aware that if you don’t continue disrupting the Overloads, despite them not being stunnable, they can potentially gain back all their health and send out many bolts at a time if they are being affected by damage over time such as poison or a Solar burn.

Boss: Ur Haraak, Disciple of Quria (Taken Knight)

Enemies: Thrall, Psions, Void-shielded Acolytes, 1 Overload Hobgoblin (1 additional Overload Hobgoblin and 1 additional Unstoppable Phalanx on Master)

As you first walk up the slope to this area, you should be aware that there will be a group of Thrall and Psions waiting as you round the corner past some rocks. Have area of effect damage or abilities ready to catch these lesser enemies out, and be careful with the Acolytes and Hobgoblin lobbing Stasis from behind them. Focus on destroying the smaller adds first before turning your attention to the back of the room.

Thinning out the enemies here will eventually trigger the next wave to spawn, so try to focus on the Hobgoblin first before letting the next wave come in. If the Acolytes are being too much of a bother, take them out before focusing on the Champion. On Master, you will have to contend with two Overload Hobgoblins simultaneously once again. Fortunately, you will be able to take out at least one of these Hobgoblins before the next wave spawns in, so feel free to focus down whichever one is in a better position.

Once you have taken down enough enemies, the boss, Ur Haraak, will spawn in with another few Thrall and Psions. Again, take out the lesser enemies, especially to prevent Psions from multiplying, before focusing on any remaining Acolytes.

Should you have not taken out the other Hobgoblin on Master, now would be a good time to focus it down, but be aware that there will also be an additional Phalanx that spawns in with the boss on this difficulty. If the Phalanx does not immediately aggro and rush, you will be able to take out the second Hobgoblin with only the boss tossing out attacks at you. Be sure to not splash damage onto the boss as you are focusing the remaining Champions, as damaging Ur Haraak will eventually cause more enemies to appear. The safest strategy will be to dip in and out of cover at the slope leading up to the shrine, except when retreating further back if you’re trying to slay the Unstoppable Phalanx. Once the Phalanx is isolated, stun it, burst it down, and turn your attention once more on the remaining enemies in the boss area.

Should you have downed all Champions at this point, only the boss, and possibly some other lesser Taken, will remain. Ur Haraak is a bit beefy, but as long as you weave in and out of cover you will be able to slowly take down its health. Be prepared for when it reaches about 66% health, as that is when it will summon reinforcements in the form of additional Thrall and Psions. Again, focus the smaller mobs before turning your attention to the boss, who for the most part will not stray further than the ledge behind the treasure cache. Should you ever find that Ur Haraak is advancing towards you past smaller enemies, you can swing around to the left or right of the rocky outcropping near the sloped section you walk up. Doing this will allow you to look for remaining enemies, or simply give you a different vantage that isn’t covered in Solar fire spewed by the boss. Super, Heavy, and any additional abilities you have left can be tossed out without a care once it is just you and Ur Haraak, but be sure on Master that you retreat to heal when you need to as you will have no enemies forming regenerative light once you have taken everything out. After patiently whittling down the boss’s health, the Taken Knight will eventually succumb, and you will be able to claim your rewards. Make sure you dispose of every enemy in the room so you don’t have an unfortunate mishap when trying to open the Lost Sector cache, and if you haven’t lost any revives you will be able to claim a flawless run.

Possible Loot


Legend (1320) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Rare)

Master (1350) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Common)

For Lost Sectors with Leg Armor as the reward, there is a chance at getting the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic for Hunters, and for those with Arms Armor the No Backup Plans and the Nothing Manacles Exotics for Titans and Warlocks, respectively.

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