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Lost Sector Guide: Bunker E15

The second Europan Lost Sector in the rotation brings about another chance at exclusive Exotic armor pieces. Arguably this Lost Sector is one of the easier ones to complete thanks to Clovis Bray's defensive measures, but the Vex will still put up a fight.

For all Lost Sectors this season, the time limit is always set at 15 minutes before any additional revives you obtain throughout the activity are taken away. If you are running on Legend difficulty the recommended Power is 1310, while at Master it is 1340. While you can complete the activity while under-leveled, it is best to keep yourself within 10 Power of the activity otherwise enemies will be able to kill you more easily as well as take much longer to defeat. While a few things change from Legend to Master, the overall strategy used to get through should be about the same.

Activity Modifiers

Enemy (Vex): Shocker - When defeated, Goblins spawn Arc pools that cause damage over time.

Destination: Memory of a Frozen Conundrum - Incoming Arc and aerial damage increased.

Burn: Forlorn Miasma - 50% Void damage dealt and increase

Champions (Fallen & Vex): Barrier & Overload - This mode contains both Barrier and Overload champions which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Overload mod, respectively. 

Limited Revives - Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Legend Modifiers - Recommended Power 1310

Locked Loadout - No changes to weapons, armor, mods, or subclasses while in the activity.

Match Game - Enemy shields are more difficult to break without its respective elemental damage type.

Extra Shields - Elemental shields added to specific enemies (Void for Minotaurs)

Total of 4 Champions.

Additional Master Modifiers - Recommended Power 1340

Extra Champions - Increases total Champions up to 7.

Master: Attrition - Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

Regardless of personal subclass preference, the burn in place in Bunker E15 makes Void subclasses the strongest option across the board, but there are other choices that merit some use depending on which other bases you may need to cover.


For most Nightstalkers, Way of the Pathfinder will be the best choice as it has a longer lasting invisibility ability and a more damage-focused Shadowshot that will help clear out rooms as well as burst down Champions. On the same note, Way of the Sharpshooter does not have the damage buff you would get from running Void, but the Golden Gun Super will be valuable in taking down tankier enemies.


Without a doubt the best choice for Warlocks in this Lost Sector is Attunement of Chaos Voidwalker for the high burst damage Nova Bomb and charged Void grenades. Attunement of Control can also be a good choice for those running Stormcaller since Chaos Reach is good at melting most enemies and is capable of going through a Hydra's barriers.


As far as Sentinel goes, Code of the Protector provides the best versatility of the subclass as it allows Titans to choose whether they play offensively with Sentinel Shield or defensively with a Ward of Dawn, but will nonetheless deal plenty of damage. With burst damage being important in this Lost Sector it is also worth considering using Code of the Missile Striker, specifically with the Cuirass of the Falling Star Exotic chest piece, for use against the harder to kill Overload Champions.

Hand Cannons: Use of Overload Rounds with Explosive Payload or Timed Payload will subdue Overload Champions quickly.

Submachine Guns: With the close proximity of most enemies, these guns will be capable of dishing out plenty of damage and also have the capability of stunning the Overload Minotaurs that will charge at you. Shayura's Wrath would be exceptional here since it is the only non-sunset Void Submachine Gun currently.

Auto Rifles: As the Lost Sector is somewhat compact, Auto Rifles are one of the better choices for taking down mobs of Vex and breaking through Barrier Champions' defenses. Any well-rolled Gnawing Hunger will do well here.

Grenade Launchers: Breech-loading Grenade Launchers with Blinding Grenades can be really good for disorienting enemies here, but, more importantly, both types of Grenade Launchers will allow the use of the Breach and Clear seasonal mod that will increase your damage. Void Heavy Grenade Launchers, such as Memory Interdict, are strongly recommended.

Anarchy: This Exotic Grenade Launcher just about guarantees being able to get through the Lost Sector unscathed if you use it from behind cover, and, paired with Breach and Clear, will comprise the majority of your damage should you run it.

Eriana's Vow: If you are struggling with Barrier Champions, this gun will typically take two shots to break through a Champion's barrier and is also able to shoot through Hobgoblin regeneration as well as the boss Hydra's barriers.

Deathbringer: With a new Catalyst introduced this season, this Rocket Launcher does more damage with less set-up and can take advantage of the Lost Sector's burn to burst down tankier enemies.

Overload Hand Cannon & Overload Submachine Gun: The gun used to stun Overload Champions varies from Guardian to Guardian, but, with the bulk of Champions being Overloads, one of these mods are absolutely needed.

Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle: One of the better choices for dealing with Barrier Champions within the Lost Sector.

Major Spec: Equip this on any non-Exotic gun for greater damage against Champions.

Void Resistance & Concussive Dampener: The most dangerous enemies will be shooting at you with a Void cannon so it will help to cover that weakness twice over. Concussive Dampener also reduces damage from enemy grenades and Arc pools spawned by defeated Goblins.

Surge Detonators: This mod is only usable on Arc subclasses, but adds an additional tool for taking down Overload Champions.

Breach and Clear: As long as you are using a Grenade Launcher of any kind, this mod will boost your damage against Champions, shielded enemies whose elemental shields are destroyed, and, most importantly, the boss.

Enemies: Dregs, Vandals, 1 Overload Captain

Seemingly scouting the Lost Sector, you'll find a team of Fallen that will not see you as you spawn in. From the tunnel you find yourself in you can attempt to burst down the Champion with grenades and heavy. If you manage to do this you can continue to shoot down the rest of the Dregs and the two Vandals at your leisure.

It is probably a better strategy, however, to try to focus down the Vandals first as they have tracking bullets that can potentially kill you even if you retreat out of sight. Once they are down one shot from a Heavy weapon can usually take down the Dregs and apply Breach and Clear on the Captain if you are using a Grenade Launcher. At that point, stunning the Captain with Overload Round and burning down its health is the only thing you have to worry about before moving further inside. Be sure to pick up orbs of Light that can restore your health whenever you are running low due to Attrition, but do not risk your life for it as a slow heal is better than losing a revive.

Enemies: Goblins, 2 Void-shielded Minotaurs, Hobgoblins, 1 Cyclops, 1 Barrier Hobgoblin (1 Minotaur becomes an additional Barrier Hobgoblin on Master)

When first entering the bunker you will find the door to the next room blocked by a cage holding several BrayTech Security Frames. First, take out the Goblins idling next to the cage, and shoot the box next to the cage to both traverse further as well as release the Frames. Be careful with the Arc pools that will drop from the slain Goblins, and be aware that at times the pools may visually disappear but still remain a few seconds longer than their animation

*Note: As you progress through Bunker E15, any Frames you set free will aid you in fighting the Vex so make sure you shoot down the Vex cages you come across. It bears mentioning, however, the Frames tend to do minimal damage and typically aim for the head. This will result in the head of most Vex being shot off, which makes Vex more dangerous as they will blindly charge at the player. On the other hand, it is possible to use the Frames to draw aggro from most enemies off of yourself, so try to make the best out of these temporary allies.

In the room below, you will find more Goblins with a Void Minotaur that will charge you on sight. Take out the Goblins from cover and try to maneuver around the Minotaur as you shoot it down. Once all enemies are down the next door will unlock, along with the barrier of the adjacent room, freeing even more Frames to help you in battle.

The next room will be a larger arena with resting Vex that will quickly focus on the Frames that will come in guns blazing. Several more Vex cages holding Frames are scattered around here and it should be the first priority to free these robots. Be aware that there is usually a Hobgoblin with a line of sight on you when you are attempting to shoot the boxes for the cages, as well as a group Goblins on either side of the room that can potentially blast you down.

After taking down several Vex, a second wave of Vex will spawn in. This will include a Cyclops in the middle of the room that should be taken out first, since its Void blast is the biggest threat if you remain in line of sight. Additionally, there will be a Barrier Hobgoblin and a Void-shielded Minotaur that should be taken down once the remaining Goblins are cleared out. On Master difficulty, this Minotaur will be an additional Barrier Hobgoblin instead. Both of these enemies, regardless of difficulty, can be taken on from the back of the room, while using the door nooks on either right or left to peek at the higher tier enemies. After destroying all enemies the Frames you have freed will gather at the door to the boss room, waiting until you walk up to go through.

Boss: Inquisitor Hydra

Enemies: Goblins, Hobgoblins, 1 Wyvern, 2 Overload Minotaurs (4 total Overload Minotaurs on Master)

When you walk into the final room with the Frames in tow, the boss will not have spawned in yet. Before it does, you must first kill the idle Vex in this room including a Wyvern towards the back of the room. After you kill all enemies, the lights will change to a reddish hue and the Inquisitor Hydra will reveal itself along with further Goblin reinforcements.

The Hydra can be distracted with the Frames, but will target the player if it starts sustaining enough damage. The optimal location to shoot the boss from is from the entrance, where you can back out if you take too much damage or simply need cover to reload. Using any weapons that have Anti-Barrier rounds you can shoot through the Hydra's barrier walls. Shoot the boss whenever you aren't clearing out Goblins or taking out Champions.

Overload Minotaurs will be spawning in according to the health of the boss. On Legend, only 2 Overload Minotaus will spawn typically at about 66% and 15% boss health. At Master difficulty, an additional 2 Overload Minotaurs bring up the total to 4 and will spawn usually around 66%, 50%, 33%, and 15% boss health each. The general strategy for these Overload Champions is to try to get their aggro onto the Frames that will be the platform around the room. If for any reason you draw aggro from a Minotaur it is recommended to run all the way into the previous room as they will charge you relentlessly while shooting a Void cannon in your direction. Whenever you find the Overload Champion in a favorable location, stun it before it begins shooting at you and attempt to burst it down with your Super, grenades, Void abilities, or Heavy weaponry. Repeat these for any number of Champions you encounter.

Be aware that the Inquisitor Hydra is capable of moving around the room while you are fighting it. Usually at 66% health it will teleport down near the entrance to the room, so if you are shooting at the boss from that area be prepared to duck back into cover since it will happen while you have the Hydra's aggro and will also be capable of stomping at your location. After sustaining more damage, the Hydra can relocate back to the middle, down to the left, and back to the middle once more, usually in sync with the Master difficulty Champion spawns. Be wary of this mechanic and don't be caught off guard as you whittle away the boss to no health.

Once you take down the Inquisitor Hydra, like all other Hydras, it will initiate a self-destruct sequence. Make sure you aren't near it when this happens, especially if you are aiming for a flawless clear of the Lost Sector. After its chassis blows up, the lights will return to a normal color and you will be free to claim your rewards from the rewards cache.

Possible Loot

Legend (1310) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Rare)

Master (1340) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Common)

For Lost Sectors with Leg Armor as the reward, there is a chance at the new Star Eater Scales, Boots of the Assembler, or The Path of Burning Steps Exotics.

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