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Celestial Nighthawk (Exotic)
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Lost Sector Guide: Chamber of Starlight

In the time that Guardians have been fighting against the Darkness, the Taken have been a constant antithesis to us that have had many masters. Combating them in the Dreaming City is a necessary struggle as we attempt to free it from the Witch Queen’s curse once and for all, although hopefully there will be more immediate rewards as we clear them out of the remaining Lost Sectors.

Throughout Season of the Lost, only 11 Lost Sectors will be rotated throughout the Season. The rotation goes: 3 from the Dreaming City, 1 from the Tangled Shore, 4 from the Moon, and then 3 from Europa. Additionally, Destination modifiers have been removed and Burn modifiers have been simplified and renamed to simply state which element is affected. In future seasons, the rotation will change and allow players to obtain the Triumphs tied to those destinations’ Lost Sectors.

For all Lost Sectors, the time limit is set at 15 minutes before any additional revives you obtain throughout the activity are taken away, and you will get periodic reminders of that time limit. During Season of the Lost, if you are running on Legend difficulty the recommended Power is 1320, while at Master it is 1350. While you can complete the activity while under-leveled, it is best to keep yourself within 10 Power of the activity otherwise enemies will be able to kill you more easily as well as take much longer to defeat.

Activity Modifiers

Enemy (Taken): Epitaph - Taken combatants generate blight geysers when defeated.

Burn: Solar - 50% Solar damage dealt and received.

Champions (Taken): Overload & Unstoppable - This mode contains both Overload and Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stunned without an Overload or Unstoppable mod, respectively.

Limited Revives - Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Legend Modifiers - Recommended Power 1320

Locked Loadout - No changes to weapons, armor, mods, or subclasses while in the activity.

Match Game - Enemy shields are more difficult to break without its respective elemental damage type.

Extra Shields - Elemental shields added to specific enemies (Solar for Knights, Void for Acolytes and the Wizard boss)

Total of 4 Champions.

Additional Master Modifiers - Recommended Power 1350

Extra Champions - Increases total Champions up to 8.

Master: Attrition - Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.

The two most important elements to bring into this Lost Sector are Solar and Void, specifically because of the set Elemental burn and the high concentration of shielded enemies. Whether one takes a specific subclass for either of those reasons is entirely based on preference, but having either one will help cover damage where your weapons cannot, as well as provide additional utility based on specific mods.


Probably the best choice for this Hunters here is going to be the Way of the Sharpshooter, the abilities all work well to burst down enemies quickly and when running Celestial Nighthawk, Knights and Champions will die easily as well as refund additional Super energy. For the more cautious, Nightstalker is also a good option since the invisibility will let you grab ammo or orbs and then reposition without any real danger.


With the sheer amount of enemies you'll have to face, clearing capabilities will be one of the best assets to have, and one of the best options Warlocks have for that is Attunement of Chaos. Specifically, charged grenades along with the Bloom explosions will help chain kills on enemies and let Warlocks progress much faster, and having the slow Nova Bomb is also excellent for taking down Champions, which can benefit from the use of Skull of Dire Ahamkara. For the same reasons, Attunement of Flame Dawnblade will also be very useful, especially after the changes to how the burn and explosions apply after the ability tweaks at the beginning of Season of the Lost, but may struggle a bit more with the enemies' Void shields.


As Titans have no real long range subclass to clear from a safe distance, it’s more important to prioritize survivability in the form of healing or shielding. For Sentinels, you can achieve this with the Code of the Protector or Code of the Commander as both have melees that give a shield or can heal you, respectively, and for Code of the Commander, Controlled Demolition can clear larger groups of enemies quickly. Additionally, running either one with Doom Fang Pauldrons will allow for constant Super use and potentially make runs safer. Alternatively, for the possibility of having more ranged tools, one could run Code of the Devastator Sunbreaker as the Throwing Hammers have the intrinsic ability to start health regeneration whenever they are picked up and will regain their melee charge immediately.

Bows: Definitely the best option for dealing with Overload Champions, and well suited for taking on enemies at long range. While a little weaker in terms of clearing potential, some Bows can roll with perks like Swashbuckler that help cover its weakness and speed up runs.

Pulse Rifles: Although running this weapon archetype will basically guarantee that you must use double Primary, it is still one of the lowest Energy cost tools to use against Unstoppable Champions, and provide excellent add clear. Most Aggressive frames will be decent for quickly taking down higher health enemies and something like Sacred Provenance with Quickdraw would help as it allows for a quick swap to stun Unstoppable in a pinch.

Fusion Rifles: Fusion Rifles are good tools at mid-range, while Linear Fusions are good for bursting down targets at long range. Pair that with the plethora of Seasonal mods, and you’ll find that running either of these archetypes will help to clear the Lost Sector much more easily. Null Composure or Threaded Needle would be good weapons to take in specifically because they can roll with Reservoir Burst and Dragonfly, respectively, and will make clearing out mobs much faster.

Arbalest: The main selling point of this Exotic Linea Fusion Rifle is the fact that it can easily burst through Elemental shielding, and then increase its damage dealt through Disruption Break. The fact that Special ammo could be scarce in runs, however, makes it more important to conserve ammo for high priority targets such as Solar-shielded Knights, Champions, or the boss itself.

Vex Mythoclast: For Guardians lucky enough to have acquired it, when paired with Particle Deconstruction, this Fusion Rifle applies debuff stacks quickly as it works as a Primary weapon, and also has the potential to burst down Champions when using the Linear Fusion Rifle mode it has as well. Additionally, it will benefit from the Elemental burn and can be used as the main tool to stun and eliminate Unstoppable Champions.

Xenophage: Despite its recent nerf, Xenophage still has massive burst damage potential, which is amplified due to the Solar burn, that can be imperative for taking out Champions and progressing through the Lost Sector. The Exotic Machine gun also has pretty high reserves so using it on regular enemies will not hinder runs all that much, and its massive range will be a boon against faraway enemies such as Hobgoblins.

Unstoppable Fusion Rifles & Unstoppable Pulse Rifle: The majority of Champions on either Legend or Master difficulty will be Unstoppables, so it is imperative to have one of these mods and weapons equipped if there’s any hope of getting a completion done.

Overload Bow: The best option is to fight at long range, and, due to that, this becomes the preferred Overload mod. Be sure to proc Overload shots multiple times on Overload Champions because, even if you can’t immediately stun them, you will be able to disrupt their abilities and prevent them from regaining all their health.

Solar Resistance & Sniper Damage Resistance: The largest threat in the Lost Sector is the boss, so using Solar resist to tone down how much its Solar bolts do to you will be important in keeping yourself alive. For the most part, Guardians will be able to take enemies at a distance, and it is definitely encouraged here, so it will help to avoid being up close with enemies and dampen the damage taken from long range.

Thermoclastic Strike: Since the use of Solar subclasses will be the most beneficial strategy, it is likely that you will be able to equip this mod to have an additional way to disrupt Overload Champions. Works best when used with ability trees that allow for ranged melee abilities, such as Celestial Fire or Throwing Hammers.

Withering Heat: If Champions are giving you a hard time in runs, or you simply wish to eliminate them faster, this mod will allow you to apply a strong debuff with any Solar ability. A grenade can be chained into a Super to quickly burst down a Champion or simply used to amplify weapon damage on a stunned target, but either way the increased damage will help to break Champions much faster.

Pyretic Embrace: For Guardians running a Solar subclass, this mod will allow you to heal completely when using your Super which is perfect when things get dangerous, but it is dependent on having enough energy to cast Super. On Master, this is particularly good since it will bypass Attrition and immediately regenerate all health.

Particle Deconstruction: Due to the fact that this mod applies a debuff that increases damage against all combatants, not just bosses or Champions, it is good for speeding up clears. Most Fusion Rifles are capable of applying max stacks quickly and as such are probably the best archetype for debuffing high-health enemies, while Linear Fusion Rifles are able to make the most out of the damage multiplier, with high-burst, precision damage at their disposal.


Overall, loadouts and general progression through the Lost Sector will be similar, but it helps to be aware of some differences. While it may not be too big a deal to more experienced Guardians, the way that enemy spawns, particularly those of Champions as well as the boss, change between Legend and Master difficulty warrant the need for splitting up the way that their respective runs are handled.

Enemies: Hobgoblins, Void-shielded Acolytes, 1 Solar-shielded Knight, 1 Unstoppable Phalanx

When you first step into the Lost Sector you will be hidden away from the Taken. As you turn the corner of the pathway into the area you will be able to see the first Unstoppable Phalanx as well as a Hobgoblin that will be on the lookout on the balcony above. Quickly snipe down the Hobgoblin before turning to stun the Champion, at which point you can use up some Heavy to try to speed up your clear. You can take your time taking down the Phalanx, though, since it is right at the beginning of the Lost Sector and you will be safe from other Taken for the most part when fighting this enemy.

After the first Champion goes down, you can head in further and, as you turn to the left, you will notice a large group of enemies that may begin to open fire on you. Several Hobgoblins and a Knight will back off to the path that leads to the next area, and it is recommended to at least take out the Hobgoblins before focusing on the Acolytes that will be closer to you. Remember that all Acolytes will have Void shields, so if you don’t have a Void Primary weapon try to use your ammo or abilities sparingly when trying to crack these enemies’ shields.

Once all the Acolytes and their Eyes have been destroyed, you can calmly head up to the path that should still have a Knight waiting to attack you. Try to avoid its Void cannon shots as you walk up, or try to stagger it by breaking the Solar shield as you move up on it. Once the shield is down you should be able to quickly dispatch it and move on to the next area.

Enemies: Thrall, Void-shielded Acolytes, 2 Unstoppable Phalanxes

Admittedly this “area” is rather arbitrary as a location of interest, but it’s its own separate set of challenges within the Lost Sector on Legend difficulty.

When you first step up to this pathway you will spawn in Thrall on a ledge in front of you and an Unstoppable Phalanx will be standing idly with some Acolytes on your right. If you don’t immediately engage the Champion it will run further into the chamber, which would be best to avoid but shouldn’t be the first priority if there’s a risk of death. For the most part the Acolytes will ignore you and continue inside, so they will only be an issue once you progress past the Champions.

The best strategy here is to stun the Unstoppable Champion first and then send out area of effect damage, such as grenades, to quickly clear out the Thrall in the vicinity. As soon as the Phalanx unstaggers, it will turn towards you and try to rush you down, so back off into the previous area when needed. Once you are able to stun the Phalanx once again, do so, and then use your Super and Heavy ammo when available to quickly take it out. As soon as you eliminate it another Unstoppable Phalanx will spawn in to replace it alongside additional Thrall.

Again, you will want to take out the Thrall quickly before turning on the next Phalanx, but be sure to stun it immediately if you happen to draw its aggression early. Be careful at this point, because the Lost Sector’s boss, Inkasi, will already be spawned in and may move closer to support the enemies you are currently fighting against. If you stay out of sight, however, you should be able to eliminate the second Phalanx before moving up to clear out the rest of the room. Once you do finish off the Phalanx, the final Champion will spawn in the far back of the chamber.

Boss: Inkasi, Disciple of Quria (Taken Wizard)

Enemies: Thrall, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Void-shielded Acolytes, 1 Solar-shielded Knight, 1 Overload Hobgoblin

Although you will see the boss already floating around near the Lost Sector cache, the first thing you will want to do after spawning the last Champion is to head over to the right side of the chamber past a scattering of rocks. If you hadn’t taken out both the Unstoppable Phalanxes previously, they will be hiding over here along with their Acolytes and a couple of normal Hobgoblins. Finish clearing out any enemies that remain here, but remember to save some Void ammo for the boss if you aren’t running a Primary with it. Note that the opening that would let you jump off the balcony is closed off by a Hive barrier, likely to prevent Guardians from skipping past the other areas. Specifically, be aware that you will not be able to use this route to escape a mob of enemies, otherwise you may end up finding yourself cornered by the barrier.

At this point, you should be able to move on to the central part of the area where you will find Inkasi, a Void-shielded Wizard that serves as the chamber’s boss. She will be surrounded by a scattering of Thrall, a couple of Goblins, and one Solar-shielded Knight. Behind all of them, on a high ledge, there will also be the last Champion, an Overload Hobgoblin, along with a normal Hobgoblin. 

Focus on taking out the normal Hobgoblin first and then take out the other minor adds in whichever order you can. Ideally, eliminate Thrall charging you and then the Goblins shielding the stronger Taken. The Knight should go down quickly without the Goblins to shield it, and, if there are no other Thrall threatening you, the Overload Hobgoblin should be targeted next. You can step back and climb up on the scattering of rocks near the balcony to get a good vantage on the Overload Champion without being at risk of being shot at by Inkasi. From here, be sure to disrupt the Hobgoblin so it doesn’t shoot its retaliating bolts on you, and, after a while of shooting at it, you should be able to get rid of it without any additional issues.

This will leave you alone with only Inkasi to worry about, and potentially a few other straggling Thrall hidden behind some rocks. Try to stay at a medium range from the Taken Wizard, preferably near some cover you can duck into to avoid its Solar bolts. Once you’re in a good spot, break the Void shield and start doing as much damage as you can without getting shot at, and if you start to run low on health simply retreat for a few seconds. If you are limited on Void ammo or abilities, try to keep dealing damage after you break the shield on Inkasi so that it doesn’t end up regenerating, but don’t risk losing a revive for it if you can avoid it.

At around 50% health, Inkasi will summon a final wave of enemies including a few more Acolytes and some Thrall that will charge you almost immediately. Dispose of them quickly before turning on the boss once more, and now you should be free to throw out your Super and any remaining Heavy you still have on you. Again, just be sure to duck out of combat if you get too low to save up on revives when you can, and even if you’re not trying to get a flawless run here, it is good practice for when you attempt Master difficulty. Once you finally deplete Inkasi's health, you will be free to move up to the platform in the middle of the room and claim your rewards from the chest.

Enemies: Hobgoblins, Void-shielded Acolytes, 1 Solar-shielded Knight, 1 Unstoppable Phalanx, 1 Overload Hobgoblin

The key difference in this first room from Legend is that you will have to worry about an additional Champion: an Overload Goblin that will be standing with the Knight in the back of the area. When progressing through here, take the same approach as you would on Legend and eliminate the Phalanx and balcony Hobgoblin first.

After taking care of those enemies, you can focus on the normal Hobgoblin that will still be with the Knight and the Champion, but try to avoid getting sniped or blasted by the Champion’s retaliation bolts. After the normal Hobgoblin is down, allow the Overload and Knight to back off as far as possible before starting to work on the shielded Acolytes. After taking them down and all their Eyes, move up to the rock in the middle of this area near the back, this will provide good cover to take out the remaining Overload Hobgoblin and Knight.

Once you’re in position, stun the Overload Hobgoblin before popping the Knight’s Solar shield, as you may end up drawing retaliation bolts if you don’t disrupt the former. Quickly take out the Knight, and then focus on the Hobgoblin, dipping in and out of cover while firing off Overload shots. Whenever the Champion is stunned and about half health, stand your ground and try to burst it down with any means necessary. After taking it out, you will be free to move on to the next area.

Enemies: Thrall, Hobgoblins, Acolytes, Goblins, 1 Solar-shielded Knight, 1 Unstoppable Phalanx, 1 Overload Hobgoblin


Similarly to Legend difficulty, as you walk up the rock pathway you will spawn in the first group of Thrall while a Phalanx stands idly on the right of you. From this point on, all spawns will be dictated by the elimination of the Champions that remain in the chamber. Each time that you defeat the pair, the next wave will show up along with two additional Champions, so it is best to clear out all additional enemies before killing the Champions.

The most important thing while fighting here, will be to keep yourself alive, especially for those chasing the flawless completion. Thrall are usually the first thing you want to get rid of, as they will be charging you whenever you draw their aggro, and their erratic movements make it easy for them to close in and mob you. Once the Thrall are gone, move on to the right side of the chamber past the rocks, and begin to thin down the Acolytes and Hobgoblins there while stunning the Unstoppable Phalanx to keep it at bay. While you are taking out the smaller Taken, feel free to drop grenades or Heavy on the Phalanx and reload while in cover. After taking out the smaller adds focus on the Champion, or vice-versa depending on which one ends up dying first. Remember that on Master, you will have to deal with Attrition so be wary of your health, and duck behind cover when you are too low to keep dealing with enemies. You can also move up and grab restorative light orbs when it’s safe, but for the most part try to stay behind cover to avoid damage and the need to regain your health.

After clearing out the right side of the chamber, turn to deal with the enemies in the middle of the room. These will be the Knight, the Goblins, and probably a few more Thrall. The Goblins should be first, as they will be providing shields to other units, and then after that probably the Knight. Make sure you catch any hidden enemies, and, if you haven’t gotten rid of the normal Hobgoblin next to the Overload Hobgoblin in the very back of the chamber, go ahead and do that now.

Once the Overload Hobgoblin is the only remaining enemy, go back towards the rocks and get a good vantage point, or carefully make your way near it to take it out. It’s preferable to attack it from the rocky area as it will leave you in a position to retreat from the next wave of enemies. You don’t need to waste any Heavy taking out this Hobgoblin, so long as you consistently keep it disrupted, but be aware that the next wave will spawn immediately after you kill it.

Enemies: Thrall, Acolytes, Hobgoblins, 2 Unstoppable Phalanxes

As soon as the second Champion from the first pair goes down you should try to get down the rocky path that leads into the chamber as it will be the safest spot to fight from. In the same spot the first Phalanx was standing when you walk in, two additional Unstoppable Phalanxes will spawn and, depending on your position, will likely charge at you. Hide from further back to try to drop their aggro, they will eventually start backing up slowly. While that happens, toss out grenades to try to thin out the Thrall that will be in the area, and then attempt to stun one of the Phalanxes to keep it in a favorable spot while its buddy continues to retreat.

Assuming that you have one of the Unstoppable Champions isolated, go ahead and try to burst it down when it's stunned, and when it targets you simply retreat down the rock path. Keep juggling the Phalanx like this until you manage to eliminate it and then move up to get sights on the remaining enemies.

Continue clearing out smaller adds at this point, stun the remaining Phalanx when it challenges you, eliminate a couple of Acolytes or Hobgoblins, dip into cover when the Champion can’t be staggered, and repeat until only the Phalanx remains. If you can draw the Phalanx out to the rock path to slowly take it down like the first one, do so, but don’t risk your life for it since you can still easily eliminate it while it’s on the right side of the chamber. Similar to the last phase, as soon as you kill the second Champion the next wave will spawn in, so be sure to be in a favorable position before finishing it off.

Boss: Inkasi, Disciple of Quria (Taken Wizard)

Enemies: Acolytes, Hobgoblins, Thrall, 1 Unstoppable Phalanx, 1 Overload Hobgoblin

The final pair of Champions will spawn in at the same time as Inkasi, the Taken Wizard guarding this Lost Sector. One Champion will be an Unstoppable Phalanx that spawns in the same spot all the others have been in, and the second Champion will be another Overload Hobgoblin in the back ledge with a normal Hobgoblin counterpart. There will also be lesser Taken spawning in the same spots they have been, save for Thrall which will spawn in around Inkasi and stay around her for the most part.

From the rock path you will have a good spot to take out the final Unstoppable Phalanx, and you can do this with the same strategy as the previous two. It is important to try to keep it near you and away from the boss’s line of sight, since with Attrition and the Solar burn you may get bursted down from a distance before you realize what is hitting you. Once you draw down the Phalanx to a suitable spot near you, stun it and unload whatever you can spare on it to try to burst it down. Remember to keep some Void damage available to you for whenever you fight the boss, but, honestly, you can spare some time stunning and slowly taking down the Unstoppable Champion.

After the Phalanx is downed, move once again to the right of the chamber past the rocks and eliminate any Acolytes and Hobgoblins that are standing there. Once they are cleared out, try to find a spot where you have a good view of the Hobgoblins in the far back of the chamber, but without being in line of sight of Inkasi. From here, take out the normal Hobgoblin, try to dodge its retaliatory bolts, check that you aren’t being charged by any additional Thrall, and then stun and focus down the Overload Hobgoblin. This will be the final Champion in the Lost Sector and you will not have to worry about any others spawning behind you.

Once all other enemies are down, feel free to focus on Inkasi. Shoot off the Void shield surrounding the Wizard and keep damage on while avoiding any of the Solar bolts it will throw your way. If you get low on health, since there will not be enemies to shoot and spawn restorative light, you will need to make sure that you are going behind cover and waiting for your regen to start. Repeat this as necessary, but be aware that Inkasi will spawn in more Thrall and Acolytes at about 50% health, so keep an eye on the boss’s health bar. When the final few minions spawn, feel free to use Super and Heavy on the group while trying to continue taking down Inkasi, but if any Taken get near you be sure to back off, take them down, regain your health, and then continue battling the boss. If you manage to take down Inkasi, but there are still a few enemies around, it’s strongly recommended to shoot them down before advancing on the loot cache. When this is all done, however, you will be free to claim your rewards, any corresponding Triumphs, and if you killed every Champion you will have a very high possibility of claiming an Exotic corresponding to the armor reward for the day.

Possible Loot

Legend (1320) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Rare)

Master (1350) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Common)

For Lost Sectors with Leg Armor as the reward, there is a chance at getting the Radiant Dance Machines Exotic for Hunters, and for those with Arms Armor the No Backup Plans and the Nothing Manacles Exotics for Titans and Warlocks, respectively.

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