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Star-Eater Scales (Exotic)
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Lost Sector Guide: Scavenger's Den

At the beginning of Season of the Splicer, the EDZ Lost Sectors were added to the Legendary and Master rotation that allows Guardians to obtain new armor Exotics. Unfortunately, Scavenger’s Den had been disabled up until recently due to an exploit that allowed players to climb up to the boss room without taking on any other enemies. Now that a barrier has been added to prevent this, you’ll have to go the long way to get your awards in this Lost Sector and this guide is here to help you complete it.

For all Lost Sectors this season, the time limit is always set at 15 minutes before any additional revives you obtain throughout the activity are taken away. If you are running on Legend difficulty the recommended Power is 1310, while at Master it is 1340. While you can complete the activity while under-leveled, it is best to keep yourself within 10 Power of the activity otherwise enemies will be able to kill you more easily as well as take much longer to defeat. While a few things change from Legend to Master, the overall strategy used to get through should be about the same.

Activity Modifiers

Enemy (Fallen): Scorched Earth - Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.

Destination: Memory of a Bygone Past - Incoming Arc and Knockback damage increased.

Burn: Isolated Flames - +50% Solar damage dealt and received.

Champions (Fallen): Barrier & Overload - This mode contains both Barrier and Overload Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Overload mod, respectively.

Limited Revives - Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Legend Modifiers - Recommended Power 1310

Locked Loadout - No changes to weapons, armor, mods, or subclasses while in the activity.

Match Game - Enemy shields are more difficult to break without its respective elemental damage type.

Extra Shields - Elemental shields added to specific enemies (Arc for Captains)

Total of 5 Champions.

Additional Master Modifiers - Recommended Power 1340

Extra Champions - Increases total Champions up to 8.

Master: Chaff - Radar is disabled.

There’s a surprising amount of variability allowed in this Lost Sector, and, while most Guardians can run any of their favored subclasses, there are a few standouts that will definitely make clearing this Fallen stronghold much easier.


With the buff to Solar damage and a distinct lack of elemental shields, Gunslingers find themselves being able to blaze through this Lost Sector. Way of the Sharpshooter is capable of annihilating Champions on both difficulties with precision damage from Golden Gun. For more cautious Hunters, Nightstalker is still a solid choice to sneak your way to victory.


While Attunement of Grace allows for quick and relatively safe clears, Dawnblades can choose Attunement of Sky for ranged abilities and the ability to clear a mob of Fallen quickly with the Daybreak Super. Shadebinder is also a viable option here, and use of the Bleak Watcher Aspect allows you to control areas or cover your blind spot, especially when Chaff is enabled.


Taking out priority targets is important in this Lost Sector, and Striker Titans have the advantage of high burst damage when using Code of the Missile for Thundercrash and benefit from being able to throw Overload grenades. Should add clear be more of an issue, Code of the Devastator Sunbreaker has an inherent heal with the Throwing Hammer melee that benefits from the Solar burn.

Hand Cannons: Currently Hand Cannons are the best mid to long range options for use with Overload Rounds. With the Solar burn, Igneous Hammeris a surprisingly good pick, despite the lower rate of fire.

Scout Rifles: A solid choice to use against Barrier Champions and taking out enemies at a distance. Night Watchis a common drop that most Guardians can pick up to take on most high-tier content.

Grenade Launchers: With the benefit of Breach and Clear and versatile elemental type, a Solar or Arc Grenade Launcher is a solid choice to bring in to burst down Champions and the Lost Sector boss. Specifically for the boss room, Blast Battue from Wrathborn Hunts is an excellent choice.

Eriana’s Vow: One of the best Exotic guns for use in high-end gameplay, Eriana’s can use the burn to its advantage and destroy Barrier Champions.

Witherhoard: Since there’s only one elemental shield in the Lost Sector, this Grenade Launcher has the benefit of being able to clear out rooms quickly. It also has the potential to burn down Champions even without stunning them with its damage over time.

Two-Tailed Fox: Oddly enough the two seperate rockets fired from this Rocket Launcher are ideal for taking on this Lost Sector. The Solar rocket does increased damage and provides amazing add clear, and the Void rocket is capable of suppressing Overload Champions for some reason. Pair this with target tracking and you have a surprisingly well-rounded Exotic to take on Fallen Captains.

Overload Hand Cannon: The most effective mod for taking down Overload Captains, pairs well with Hand Cannons that have the Explosive Payload perk.

Solar Resistance & Concussive Dampener: While typically Fallen are known for using Arc weapons, this Lost Sector has Marauders and Captains that primarily use Solar cannon or shrapnel launchers that will deal increased damage. Concussive Dampener helps reduce damage from explosive barrels, enemy cannons, and from the many grenades Dregs will be lobbing.

Arc Resistance: There is also increased incoming damage from Arc sources, particularly from grenades and Vandal snipers. This can help mitigate that damage in place of the other two resistance mods.

Surge Detonator: An additional tool for stunning Overload Champions when running an Arc subclass.

Hammer of the Warmind: Makes Warmind Cells capable of stunning Overload Champions, a great addition to Warmind builds.

Breach and Clear: While not completely necessary in this instance, having an additional buff in damage to Champions and the boss is still very helpful for faster clears of the Lost Sector while running Grenade Launchers of any kind.

Enemies: Dregs, Vandals, Marauders, Shanks, 1 Barrier Servitor, 1 Overload Captain (1 additional Overload Captain on Master)

When you first spawn into the Scavenger’s Den you will be placed right outside the first room. As you walk in you will be met by several Dregs and potentially a Marauder or two, which you should dispatch as quickly as possible.

On Master difficulty, one of the Marauders that are initially placed on the right of the cave entrance will instead be an Overload Captain. After taking out the first few Dregs in front of you, immediately focus on stunning and taking out this Champion, as it can burst you down with a Solar cannon if you are not careful.

More Dregs from further inside may begin to throw shock grenades at you, which you can shoot before detonation, and you will also be targeted by sniper Vandals from across the room. Use long range weapons to begin dispatching them when possible.

If you peek over the initial ledge on the left of where you entered the room, you will find a Barrier Servitor. Depending on how many enemies are still left you can either take on the Servitor immediately or ignore it and take down the rest of the lesser Fallen around the room. You can bait enemies out of its shielding if you take the sloping path on the right side of the room, but be aware that the Servitor may just accompany them. The only sure way to keep the Champion from shielding other enemies is stunning it or eliminating it, but be sure to do this when there’s little risk involved.

After taking out enough enemies, there will be an additional wave of Fallen that will spawn at the top of the room near the exits along with an Overload Captain. Take care of the smaller adds from a distance before attempting to move in on the Champion. Use whatever tools you have to stun the Captain, burst it down before it regenerates its health, and continue forward. Once you slay the last Champion and all the other enemies around it, the barriers to the next room will go down, giving you an option to go left or right. Typically the best path will be to the left, but you can peek on the right as well if you feel confident.

Enemies: Dregs, Vandals, Marauders, 1 Overload Captain (1 additional Overload Captain on Master)

If you enter from the left tunnel, you will begin from the bottom of this area where you’ll see several idle Fallen enemies a bit of a distance away. Those who enter on the right will see some Dregs standing guard sooner, but should be careful as they could get pinched by enemies on their left and right. When starting from the bottom part, simply take out as many adds from a distance as you can, but be wary of sniper Vandals that can take you out.

After taking down several enemies, move forward while watching for outlines of any Marauders that may try to rush you. Take the Marauders out when you can and move further up towards the Overload Champion waiting for you near the next barrier. Assuming you took out all the other enemies, all you must do is take down this Champion to gain access to the boss room.

When running on Master difficulty, there will be two Overload Captains standing guard at the back instead. In this situation, it is best to take advantage of cover on the lower left side, where you should be able to grab the attention of just one of the Captains. Duck down behind cover when not taking on this Captain and remember that Overload Rounds last for a few seconds when you proc them, so there’s no rush to stun or disable healing. If you are ever fighting both the Captains at once, retreat to the beginning of the area, lose the Champions’ aggro, and then attempt again to take them on one at a time. After they are both down, venture forth as usual.

Boss: Graxus, Blind Captain

Enemies: Dregs, Vandals, Shanks, Marauders, 1 Overload Captain, 1 Barrier Servitor (1 additional Barrier Servitor on Master)

Before entering the boss room proper, there will be three sets of Fallen tripmines you need to get past first. With the increase to Solar damage, these traps can prove fatal even at Legend, potentially costing you revives. Shoot the base of the bombs from as far away as possible to blow them up, reposition to shoot the next set, and repeat until you are free to move forward. The second set is the most tricky as the tripmine will be facing you directly, so be sure to shoot this one from as far back as possible.

After moving past the bombs, you will find a clearing inside the cave where several Champions will spawn at the same time along with the boss and all accompanying adds. There will be a single Barrier Servitor on Legend and two on Master, but regardless of difficulty, these Servitors should be your priority as they will be shielding all surrounding enemies including the Overload Captain. Fortunately, they cannot shield each other, but can still be difficult to take down. Make sure to use long range weapons to whittle them down one at a time and pop their Barrier ability as soon as it comes up. Once they are stunned, be sure to finish them off quickly while avoiding Solar blasts and shock grenades.

Once the Servitors are down, you are free to choose whether you focus the Overload Captain or take down the surrounding lesser enemies. When focusing on the Captain, it could be worth it to burn your Super to burst it down quickly. If not, just try stunning it and destroying it with your Heavy weapon as you could potentially kill surrounding adds with collateral damage.

The boss, Graxus, is an Arc-shielded Captain that will be barraging you with Solar shots from its shrapnel launcher. The best strategy to take them down is to take out the Fallen around it and force it to retreat further into the room. As you move forward, be sure to check around corners, especially on Master, as you can potentially be shot in the back by a cowering Dreg or charged by a Marauder you didn’t detect. Once you are sure you have taken down all the lesser adds, you will be free to shoot at the boss. If you do not have Arc weapons, use your Heavy to get rid of the Arc shield on Graxus and continue to take down his health as he teleports around the area. As long as you don’t move too far forward and play behind cover, the Dusk Captain shouldn’t be able to kill you as you burn him down.

As Graxus should be the last enemy you eliminate, you will be able to open the reward cache with little issue. For those looking to get Exotic armor rewards, be sure you have taken down all Champions to ensure Platinum rewards. Unlike Europa and Moon Lost Sectors, there are currently no triumphs for clearing this Lost Sector flawlessly, so feel free to focus on quick Platinum runs if you are only looking for loot.

Possible Loot

Legend (1310) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Rare)

Master (1340) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Common)

For Lost Sectors with Leg Armor as the reward, there is a chance at the new Star Eater Scales, Boots of the Assembler, or The Path of Burning Steps Exotics.

Written by ConejoLapin


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