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Lost Sector Guide: The Quarry

With Season of the Splicer, Bungie has reintroduced the Legendary and Master EDZ Lost Sectors into the rotation. For those not familiar, the last time we delved into the Quarry we had the aid of the Warmind, Rasputin, and his Heavy Frames. This time around we still have the benefit of Warmind Cells, but must use our own skill to get through to the end.

For all Lost Sectors this season, the time limit is always set at 15 minutes before any additional revives you obtain throughout the activity are taken away. If you are running on Legend difficulty the recommended Power is 1310, while at Master it is 1340. While you can complete the activity while under-leveled, it is best to keep yourself within 10 Power of the activity otherwise enemies will be able to kill you more easily as well as take much longer to defeat. While a few things change from Legend to Master, the overall strategy used to get through should be about the same.

Activity Modifiers

Enemy (Cabal): Scorched Earth - Enemies throw grenades significantly more often.

Destination: Memory of a Bygone Past - Incoming Arc and Knockback damage increased.

Burn: Forlorn Miasma - 50% Void damage dealt and received.

Champions (Cabal): Barrier & Unstoppable - This mode contains both Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Unstoppable mod, respectively.

Limited Revives - Limited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Legend Modifiers - Recommended Power 1310

Locked Loadout - No changes to weapons, armor, mods, or subclasses while in the activity.

Match Game - Enemy shields are more difficult to break without its respective elemental damage type.

Extra Shields - Elemental shields added to specific enemies (Void for Incendiors, Solar for the Centurion boss)

Total of 4 Champions.

Additional Master Modifiers - Recommended Power 1340

Extra Champions - Increases total Champions up to 8.

Master: Chaff - Radar is disabled.

The Quarry is a mixed bag of elemental damage, and, while Void damage you deal does get a buff, you have a wider variety of options for running through this Lost Sector for both flawless runs and speedruns.


Nightstalker will consistently be one of the best subclasses for solo gameplay with invisibility, smoke grenades for disorienting enemies, and Shadowshot being able to tether enemies. Even without Solar damage being buffed Gunslinger can still dish out plenty of damage and make use of all its subclass trees to clear out the Lost Sector.


If you’re looking for survivability, Attunement of Grace is a good option, but Warlocks running Dawnblade can also consider using Attunement of Sky to take advantage of Icarus Dash and dodge away from Champions when they get too close. For those looking to be aggressive, Voidwalkers will get bonus damage from the burn, and the use of Devour from Attunement of Hunger should help keep you alive in the midst of battle.


With Unstoppable Champions in the mix, it’s hard for anyone to stay fixed to the same spot. For Titans running Sentinel the best choice seems to be Code of the Protector, but keep in mind that some enemies will be able to push you out of your Ward of Dawn. Sunbreaker Titans have some of the best healing abilities for survivability, but the use of Code of the Devastator’s Tireless Warrior and Code of the Siegebreaker’s Sunspots will put you in potential danger so be careful with your positioning should you run this subclass.

Grenade Launchers: Without a doubt, this weapon type is going to be the hero of any run involving Unstoppable Champions during Season of the Splicer, due to having Unstoppable Rounds as well as Breach and Clear tied to them. The seasonal gun, Ignition Code, is a good choice here, but Heavy Grenade Launchers would also be a good addition.

Scout Rifles: Despite being in a cave, there are many open spaces from where Guardians can lane against enemies. Be sure to run one of these to deal with Barrier Champions. Trustee from Deep Stone Crypt provides Solar damage good for elemental shields, and has a good rate of fire that will help burn through Barrier Champions.

Auto Rifles: A good alternative for dealing with Barrier Champions. Gnawing Hunger is a good option since it benefits from the Void burn.

Anarchy: Being a Grenade Launcher, this Exotic gains the same benefits as normal Grenade Launchers in being able to stun Unstoppable Champions and being able to proc Breach and Clear, all while you use other weapons to deal even more damage.

Eriana’s Vow: As the only gun with intrinsic Anti-Barrier rounds, this gun is a decent choice if you are struggling against Barrier Champions.

Leviathan’s Breath: With Void damage being buffed, this Exotic bow gets a massive boost to power. On top of that extra damage, Leviathan’s Breath has intrinsic Unstoppable Arrows and can be used to take down Champions very quickly.

Unstoppable Grenade Launcher: Using a Grenade Launcher will allow you stun Unstoppable Champions immediately after drawing your weapon or after reloading.

Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle & Scout Rifle: A good option for when you still need a counter to Barrier Champions in your run.

Void Resistance & Concussive Dampener: The boss will be shooting a Void cannon and can have its damage reduced with these two mods. Void Resistance is also good against Psion blasts, and Concussive Dampener will help against environmental damage as well as the many grenades that enemies will be throwing at you.

Solar Resistance: An alternative to Void Resistance, will help defend against Incendior damage, Cabal grenades, and occasional explosion from explosive barrels scattered around the area.

Unstoppable Schwarzschild Condensor: If you still need more tools against Champions, this mod will allow Void-subclass melees to stun Unstoppable Champions.

Hammer of the Warmind: If you are running a Warmind build, this mod will allow you to use Warmind Cells to stun Unstoppable Champions.

Warmind’s Decree: For anyone running Void Grenade Launchers or making use of Void splash damage in their subclass this mod is capable of creating more Warmind Cells which can be used to stun Champions or clear out rooms more quickly.

Breach and Clear: With Grenade Launchers being favored for stunning Unstoppable Champions, this mod will also buff your damage against all Champions as well as the boss when you damage them with Grenade Launchers. This will also reload stowed weapons when damaging those same enemies, and can be used as a faster reload mechanic.

Enemies: Legionaries, Psions, Phalanxes, War Beasts, 1 Void-shielded Incendior, 1 Unstoppable Incendior (1 Barrier Colossus replaces the non-Champion Incendior on Master)

When you step into the Quarry you will be greeted by Legionaries and Psions, which will start shooting grenades and Void blasts, respectively. Take them out quickly as there is an Unstoppable Incendior keeping watch behind them that can decide to charge at you as soon as you catch its attention.

Whenever you see the Unstoppable Incendior, attempt to stun it as quickly as possible and deal as much damage as you can. If you don’t defeat it immediately, you can duck into cover first and wait until you are able to stun it once more. Unlike Overload and Barrier Champions, Unstoppables will not regenerate health, so it is safer to play as far back when trying to take them down.

After the Unstoppable Incendior goes down, another non-Champion Incendior will show up behind it with several War Beasts in tow. Shoot down the War Beasts as they will be charging you aggressively and then take on the remaining Incendior with Void weapons to make quick work of it.

During that time, you will also be assaulted by Phalanxes and Psions that will emerge from inside the Lost Sector. Use your Anti-Barrier weapons to shoot through the Phalanx’s shields and take down the remaining adds before moving on to the next area.

On Master difficulty, be aware that the Void Incendior will instead be a Barrier Colossus. You can take this Champion out from the safety of the entrance’s high ground, but be wary of the blinding rockets the Colossus shoots out as they deal extra damage and can leave you vulnerable to its gatling gun. Be aware of War Beasts and any other adds that will charge you while you take on this Champion, since on Master the Chaff debuff can make it easier for enemies to sneak up on you.

Enemies: Legionaries, Psions, 1 Gladiator, 1 Barrier Colossus (1 additional Unstoppable Incendior on Master)

This area is much smaller than the previous one and allows you to funnel any enemies that charge at you through the entrance. There will be a Barrier Colossus in the middle of the room that you can back away from while shooting at all the other enemies.

With the Legionaries that spawn in, you may use your Heavy to clear them out quickly. Try to bait out the Gladiator that will be charging you from further inside the Lost Sector. Once you have the Gladiator isolated you can use any means to defeat it and then head back into the interior to take on any stragglers before focusing on the Barrier Colossus.

On Master, there will also be an Unstoppable Incendior that you can bring away from the other enemies in the same manner as the Gladiator before taking it down. Remember that Breach and Clear on your Grenade Launcher can help buff your damage before you burn down the Unstoppable Champion with your Heavy.

After all the other adds are down, make use of the wall near the entrance to strafe in and out of cover as you are taking shots against the Barrier Colossus in an attempt at bringing out its shield. If you use Breach and Clear prior to the Barrier coming out, you can deal additional damage to break the shield before you burn down the rest of the Colossus’s health. After it goes down, duck down into a tunnel and make your way to the boss room.

Boss: Fortifier Yann (Centurion)

Enemies: Legionaries, Psions, 4 Nightmare Legionaries, 1 Unstoppable Incendior, 1 Barrier Colossus (1 additional Unstoppable Incendior and 1 Additional Barrier Colossus on Master)

As you step into the boss room you will find some patrolling Psions. Once you shoot them down or step further in, the boss, Fortifier Yann, will spawn along with Nightmare Legionaries and a Barrier Colossus. Your first target should be the Champion as it will have an Arc cannon that can destroy you if you try to ignore it. Take it on from the small rock pillar on the left of the entrance, but be aware of any enemies that may try to push you while you are waiting for the Colossus’s Barrier to pop.

Once the Colossus has gone down, focus on the Nightmare Legionaries as they will drop an orb that will give you the Unstable Essence buff and will deal more damage to other Nightmare enemies, including the boss itself.

Along with being a Nightmare susceptible to Unstable Essence, Fortifier Yann also has a Solar shield that will regenerate whenever not in combat. You can use this to your advantage by popping the Solar shield with Solar weapons repeatedly for extra damage.

Once Yann is down to 66% health, an Unstoppable Incendior will appear along with more Legionaries, both Nightmare and regular, to aid their leader. Should you find yourself getting overwhelmed, you can slide back into the last area to avoid dying. This is especially important if you are attempting a flawless clear. You can keep shooting at minor enemies from the small hole, but be sure you are in the room when trying to take down the Unstoppable Incendior since you will want to shoot a Grenade Launcher to stun it and use Breach and Clear to your advantage. Once it is down, focus again on smaller adds before killing the Nightmare Legionaries for Unstable Essence.

On Master difficulty, an additional Barrier Colossus and Unstoppable Incendior will appear at around 50% and 33% boss health, respectively. Focus first on the Unstoppable Incendior since it will charge you and try to use the Architects against you with its Knockback. Then again, turn on the Barrier Colossus and burst it down using Grenade Launchers on both of these Champions to gain a substantial damage boost.

At this point, you should be free to take down Fortifier Yann, but keep in mind that taking down all Champions is only a requirement for Platinum rewards which increases your chance at armor Exotics. For those players trying to get through the Quarry as quickly as possible, it is possible to focus only on the boss or the Nightmare Legionaries to get enough of a damage buff to burst down Yann. Once you take down the Centurion boss, you will acquire the cache code and are free to open the rewards cache even if you’re under fire. For those Guardians attempting to do this flawless, sometimes killing only the boss can be the best course of action, but if you want to be cautious it may be better to clear out the room before going to claim your rewards. Unfortunately, flawless clears in this Lost Sector don't currently provide any additional benefits.

Possible Loot

Legend (1310) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Rare)

Master (1340) - Enhancement Core (Uncommon), Exotic Armor (Common)

For Lost Sectors with Leg Armor as the reward, there is a chance at the new Star Eater Scales, Boots of the Assembler, or The Path of Burning Steps Exotics.

Written by ConejoLapin


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