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Re: DTR Lobbies Bugs & Requests Players can't obtain dtr score wining in normal matchmaking and you still losing it everytime you lo
Private matches... What happens in a private match will affect our overall kd, elo, dtr, etc? #farm
Re: Dtr score bug? [quote=SSPUPS]...just put the overall DTR score back to where it was/ should be now aka 227 700.[/qu
Re: Today from my account disappeared 7500 DTR Score [quote=codifiedutility][quote=FishyfL]I expected a drop from SRL stats getting shifted but 😱[/quote
Re: [Site News] Sparrow Racing League [quote=xorth][u][b]Destiny Tracker Updated[/b][/u] - Playlist stats added. Quite bare at the mome

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