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Re: Weapons to take on the raid Vision of Confluence is alright, I still chose the hand cannon over it.
Re: Weapons to take on the raid The devil you know- mine kills the goblins and hobs in one hit. The supremacy- Hits the gate keeper
Re: True Skill My kd on bungie si 1.6 something actually.
Re: True Skill So what you are saying is, since I didn't know they were all added up that I pretty much just fucked
True Skill I was wondering if there was a way to make the True skill character based instead of combined. I don
Laughing Coffin Xbox One I need 2 more people to fill spots on each of these raid days-- Tuesday 8pm central, Thursday 8 Pm
xbox one -laughing coffin- vog cleared Welcome! We have cleared VoG on normal, we currently have 10 very active members and we are looking
Xbox One Laughing Coffin is our name. We need a few more strong players with mics good listening skills and p

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