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Re: [Site News] Taken King Count down & a new Partnership Dang FS is everywhere now.
Re: What is your Destiny epeen [quote=Morarn]7.54" ? what is an epeen?[/quote] Just a funny way to post stats, Obi (another admi
What is your Destiny epeen As a Admin at LegacyStats one of our guys had some fun with the Destiny API stats. So go here: [url=
Re: All known Destiny unlock codes. [quote=Iron Angel]Where do you insert these codes? In the game or in the PS4 Redeem location[/quote]
Re: Post Your Picture [color=#009900]Here is a pick of me from 2004, sorry no new pick of me if I can help it:[/color] [
Re: Get your game on with a GURL! [quote=Raven]Its always interesting playing with Avy.[/quote] Almost as interesting as playing wi
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? [quote=blinkz]Xbox One, Ps controllers are just too small [/quote] [color=#009900]Another point i
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? [color=#009900]This actually isn't my first Tag, my first tag is Firedawg 113 (lil E uses it now) I
Re: Shit gamers say [color=#009900]The funniest thing I remember was the other Ghosbusters and myself were playing H3 an
Re: Post your tattoos and piercings [IMG][/IMG] [color=#0
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? [color=#009900]iPhone 4 issued to me from my Fire Department, that's right I have no phone bill. Bef
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? [quote=Avy]Im semi- excited... I need more details about the game to become more excited though! [/
Re: What are you expecting from destiny/ wanting [color=#009900]It seems IMO that Bungie created this game to reach out to all types of players, Camp
Re: What are you favorite colors? [color=#009900]For my Spartans:[/color] [color=#660033]Purple[/color] [color=#009900]and[/color] [co
Re: Which platform are you getting Destiny on? [color=#009900]At this time I will stick with the 360 though a high rumor is PS4 just may have some
Re: Post your Twitter to get followed [url=]@EgonspenglerPHD[/url] [color=#009900]Though I rarely post,
Re: Introduce Yourself Hello Egon here. K0P High Council, Former Halocharts Admin of Justice, former Halosphere Guard, form

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