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Re: LF EU/UK PVP CLAN [PS4] Our clan has recently minimized our clan by taking out the less skilled players. We are looking for
Re: Looking for a highly competitive pvp clan on PS4? Then join Dimension. hehe
Advanced Search to see who I have played against? I think something like that would be awesome to see how many games you played against certain player
Re: looking for pvp clan to play with daily. Glad to have you on board Deadshot104. No need to play with randoms anymore.
Re: (PS4) Clan Primed Fire looking for first members. If you weren't leaving clans after a few hours/days maybe you would have found a pvp clan already =\
Re: Looking for competitive pvp clan (ps4) Work on your skills before looking for pvp clans. Hit rumble and work on your 1v1 skills then move t
Re: PS4 looking for adult clan for pvp [quote=Herpderp620]I'm 29 and married. Work full time and have other responsibilities so I'm looking
Re: (PS4) Looking for PVP oriented clan to join [quote=Hfgdshr]Bump[/quote] We would be interested in you joining our ranks. contact me on psn
Re: [PS4] Mizu Ni Nagasu With those stats and small amount of games played you aren't in a position to demand certain stats a
Re: Looking for farily serious PvP clan You never put your PSN.
The Red Capes are now recruiting (pvp) PS4 The Red Capes are now recruiting (pvp) We are a PvP/PvE clan looking to focus almost completely on
Re: Looking for decent players to play pvp with. If you are looking for a pvp clan you could try my clan The Red Capes. Currently we have 6-7 people

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