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Re: What tweaks would you make to Destiny? [quote=Kibosh]Take away that stupid shield on the turret. At least leave me a little peep hole to sn
Re: NetCode Actually think the net code was fine. Didnt have any problems myself. Some weapons was better tha
Re: What game's filling the void? COD Ghost to get some pvp training and the Last of us.
Re: Destiny Interview - No microtransactions in game! I think this is good. To launch a game where you are supposed to earn your gear (that's why there is
Re: Leveling above level 20 explained! This is nice. Cant wait to go hunting for those armor parts to lvl up some more.
Re: Destiny Beta Poll Maybe this is just how it is at the low levels, maybe we will see a difference at higher levels. But
Re: Attributes Explained and Theory-Crafting Nice read
A Dying Breed is rectuiting (PSN) This is a clan for serious, mature, fun loving individuals! Who know how to have a laugh! And how to

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