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Destiny Montage - 4Head presents Hi guys, I made a short video of some clips that I'd like to share. Take a look and let me know what
Re: [Site News] **SPOILERS** - House of Wolves DLC - New Gear and more leaked! The raid weapons look a bit experimental, guess we'll see how the compare once they drop. I just hop
DVR Clips with audio sync issues I've been using DVR since I got my xbox last summer with minimal issues. Then about a month or so ag
Re: Destiny Sniper Montage I enjoyed it, seeing guys with supers getting put down is always fun! Good shooting. I also had no
Re: Your Destiny Pet Peeves 1. Shotguns are annoying as hell, although if you cant beat them, join them. 2. Titan melee is ju
Re: Official Destiny Live Action Trailer – Become Legend Just absolute love for the Hood pop that he does after the nades haha! Great trailer
Destiny Planet Viewer This site is pretty cool, a new site from Bungie and Google's efforts. Check it out! One for the har
Re: Make Friends (XboxONE) Gt: Oh Maybe
Beta Officially Wiped Checked into the Companion app to see that Bungie has completed the wipe! RIP to all our beta Guardi
Re: All in-Game icons so far. Great list, cool to see which ones you might want to be on the search for! E23 reminds me of the
Re: Introduce Yourself [quote=DTR Tyyger] I'm so sorry.... i couldn't help myself.[/quote] Haha! I was waiting for
Re: Introduce Yourself Nice to read some of these posts, lots of HTR I see! I'll quickly introduce myself, I've playe

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