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Re: [Lore] The Twilight Gap, and everything else Great job fantastic read! Some really good story in there. So, in short, Hunters are pussies, Warloc
Xbox One Strike/Raid/NF/Weekly speed running clan LF members! Fun post level 30 May have previously posted in wrong place so here it is again: Hi, im the creator of the Every Se
Looking for something fun to do at level 30? Hi, im the creator of the Every Second Counts Xbox One clan. We speed run strikes daily in addition
Re: A site request - Tiger Playlists Leaderboards Any news on this yet?
Re: A site request - Tiger Playlists Leaderboards Thanks very much. Do hope so, my clan basically depends on this as we speed run the Tiger Strikes da
Re: A site request - Tiger Playlists Leaderboards Tyyger, Are you a mod my friend? If so do you know how long it will take for this to be added and
Re: Stop using emails as usernames Massively agree! Almost left because i needed rep to change it. Was like WUT!
A site request - Tiger Playlists Leaderboards Hiya, Would love to request that you add the Tiger Strike Playlist to the Speed Run Leaderboards as

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