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Each planet in DESTINY is the same size as Halo REACH Source - [url]
Destiny gets new screenshots showing bikes and ambient occlusion Source - [url]
Destiny weapons can be used by All classes, Complex upgrade system included Source - [url]
Destiny doesn't allow for NPC companions, surprises in the world of Destiny . Source - [url]
Destiny crafting and inventory get more details; Beta is in testing phase Source - [url]
Bungie details Destiny character customizaton "Nearly Endless" Source - [url][/url]
Re: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game to play? Super Mario World <3
Re: Pimp Yo Sig I...I'm lost for words. This amazing piece of art has given me a new outlook on life. Thank you good
Re: Shit gamers say "Keep eating" "I was shot through a -insert cover-" "Since when did they nerf -insert gun-" "F*ck
Re: Introduce Yourself I'm Platinum! Played Halo since Halo CE, and I love cookies. Pretty good introduction if you ask me.

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