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Re: Make Friends (XboxONE) Xbox one * Visibleeye.
Re: Fresh Start [quote=Hey Im Swat]I think some stats would remain but I'm unsure on that. You would be better of as
Fresh Start Would deleteing all three of my characters clear all stats related to destiny like starting brand ne
Stat Clearing Just to be fully aware deleting 1 character will not clear pve but only part of pvp stats but my que
Stats Quick question, Why is it when we delete a character our crucible kills gets removed but not the
Re: Erasing Stats [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=VisibleEye][/quote] Yes but if you delete all characters, [i]everything
Re: Erasing Stats [quote=Hey Im Swat]Other than deleting all your characters, nope.[/quote]Alright, the vault is linke
Erasing Stats Looking to start over & i was just curious if there was a way to erase both pvp & pve stat records o

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