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Insane Zhalo Supercell Loot Drop Reactions / Freakouts! These were before Xur sold it, obviously. [youtube]-1x5ln3xoDw[/youtube]
Guardian Gets to Ride An Invisible Sparrow Even After Death. Wut?! [youtube]f7kMMwaK3Ik[/youtube]
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Vex Minotaur! [youtube]KV3_FQLzzQk[/youtube] TIL Vex Minotaur can fly!
Sleeper Simulant is Definitely the Most Satisfying Heavy Weapon in PvP! Here is why [youtube]DmCbj8Cco78[/youtube]
Questing WTF / Funny Moments in Destiny [youtube]5lhuK4rFPJc[/youtube] My favourite by far is #1! How the hell did that happen?
Trials of Osiris Top Sniper Plays - Bannerfall Hello guardians, I have made a video montage of some of the best sniper plays I have seen on this
Crucible WTF / Funny Moments: How did these happen? Some of the interestingly weird, buggy and funny crucible WTF moments I have gathered over time comb
Destiny Checklist App is Out on Android & iOS Hello Guardians, I have recently written a checklist app for Destiny. Basically, it helps you to
Re: "Where is Xur?" The App is Released I remotely enter the coordinate of him so he would appear on the client-side on your devices.
"Where is Xur?" The App is Released Hello Guardians, The most anticipated character of Destiny, Xur, Agent of the Nine now has its o

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