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Re: True Skill broken? I understand needing an initial rating that is somewhat arbitrary, I believe that Jeff Sagarin does
Re: True Skill broken? update: still broken i play most of my pvp games with revolutionzero- our games played and wi
Re: True Skill broken? it's just odd that my stats are better across the board than my clan mate in clash, yet he's always
True Skill broken? i've consistently seen issues with true skill, but it recently became glaringly evident after i chec
Re: ka/d calculated incorrectly? [quote=xorth]Fixed the Code & updated the entire site so everyone has accurate KA/d[/quote] thank
Re: ka/d calculated incorrectly? cool, thanks!
ka/d calculated incorrectly? I have 2312 kills, 629 assists, and 1617 deaths my k/d is listed as 1.43 2312/1617= 1.4298

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